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    Our Family

    I'm a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to all things Celtic, I've watched them from 1960 as a young Lad 7 years old. My Brother was President of the local CSC and I had the honour of carrying the Celtic Plaque to stick on the back of the bus behind the seats on our way to Paradise. In my young...
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    The Manager

    It saddens me to hear all this gaff about NFL, you need to take stock Guys, yes his selections have been questionable, yes by his "mistakes" we're out the CL, however show me a Manager who didn't make mistakes, even the great JS made mistakes. At the end of the day who would you rather see...
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    Mouthing off for months, then Lenny comes on Super Scoreboard and he soils his Union Jack pants!

    You can take the Hunness out of a Hun and make him a Tim, bt you can NEVER take the Timness out of a Tim and make him a Hun
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    Season Ticket refunds available !

    Bhoys don't know about you, but the Lockdown occurred just before Holy Week when we would normally donate to SCIAF, hows about we give our refunds to SCIAF?
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    I was a very frustrated supporter of Bitton when he played in centre mid, slowed the game down too much and didn't inspire me at all. Now as one of the 3 centre backs, I like him, I think he fits into that position. However for me it's not Bitton that worries me in a 3-5-2, it's the Wing...
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    To Celtic fans and Lurkers

    Thursday was sore, but as I write on this Saturday evening, I feel less pain, events at tynecastle have eased some of that pain, but 48 hours after our capitulation, it harks me back to my own memories of supporting the Glasgow Celtic. Thursday night added to my many painful memories, losing out...
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    Short Memories

    Another post was "Worst Player in a Celtic Shirt for years", who are these Guys, don't you remember iBrokes in September when the "Worst Player in a Celtic Shirt" scored an unbelievable goal to make it 2-0. Was he the worst Player then?
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    Short Memories

    CQN is my go to site to learn and listen to all about Celtic. They have excellent contributors who write with incredible intellect, knowledge and understanding of all things Celtic. The forum of course is all about opinions and we as Celtic Fans are not shy when it comes to voicing our...
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    Lenny our Leader

    In times gone by the press conferences from our Leader have been somewhat strained at times, with the SMSM clutching at every straw in order to dismantle us, catch us out, capture that wee chink in our armour, give them that glimpse of negativity they could build upon and tell the whole nation...
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    Christie for number 7??

    After last nights performance, I read with interest the various opinions on MOTM and for the most of them they singled out Broony. Much as he was a colossus in our midfield, my eyes the whole night were transfixed on Corpus Christie. He ran and he better ran, he tackled and he better tackled...
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    Your Unsung Celtic Heroes

    A name that is seldom mentioned in the history of the Lisbon Lions, Joeseph McBride, scored 36 goals by Christmas, suffered a horrendous injury in December (1966) and never kicked a ball again that season. By the end of season 66/67 Joseph McBride was confirmed as the League's Top Goalscorer...
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    HENKE quits Helsingborg

    The King of Kings needs our support in his hour of need, Helsingborg have again hang him out to dry, it's about time we rescued him from this hell, his very presence at Lennoxtown will give our younger players the inspiration to go on and do great things, bring him home Celtic, he might not be a...
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    Kieran Tierney Transfer Thread

    Guys, I can take it when the likes of Wanyanna, Van Dyk, Forster etc leave the Celts, but KT,? surely we are able to hold on to our own. I would bet anyone KT is not for this move, it's PL looking to bring in more dosh to justify his exorbitant salary and bonuses. KT will never be happy in...
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    Celtic Family Unites – ‘We stand behind our Leader – One Neil Lennon’

    CQN, The Celtic Blog, Celts are Here, The Celtic Star, Video Celts, Celtic Underground, Celts from the South, I could go on and on, I've read them all this week. Being a mere Supporter and not a Writer, I have been up and down with my emotions over the signing of Neil Francis Lennon. For those...
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    Welcome back Lenny

    GB Neil Lennon, give me one person that will take us to 33 and on to 10IAR, and I give you Neil Lennon, we are fortunate to have him, support him, cherish him, he is what we are and without him we are struggling to find someone who knows what all of this means to us, please give your support to...