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    FFS Celtic, get it done

    I have to say that I don't have the patience for this and the appointment seems a way off - though Celtic have been effective in the past at revealing nothing until the deal is done. If Eddie Howe wants to extend his holiday, mess about and wait until the summer to see if he gets other offers...
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    FFS Celtic, get it done

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    FFS Celtic, get it done

    It would have made a lot more sense to have appointed the DoF first (which could have been done months ago) so that there was no DoF vacancy and, as others have said, for continuity in case the head coach leaves and to allow the DoF to have the boss/subordinate lines drawn. We saw what happened...
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    FFS Celtic, get it done

    If Lawwell is so keen to have what must be his lovechild employed, Lawwell can employ him as his butler or chauffeur but he needs to give it a rest with the job for life shit.
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    Paul ' ill tell you about Celtic for £500' Lambert

    Celtic manager obviously wouldn't be the ideal job for Lambert, then! Oh, hold on a minute... I almost forgot that he declared himself out of contention.
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    Nicholas on Desmond

    He hardly got any time to play for us before he got his playing career ended by the assault. I think we have looked after him more than well enough in the time since. I hope that Howe, presuming he becomes the manager, will have the authority to get rid of Kennedy and Strachan - the coaches...
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    Nicholas on Desmond

    It's a Celtic piece of string. Other clubs' pieces of string... not our problem!
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    Big Moussa

    Worrying news. Hope he's feeling better now and there's nothing seriously wrong.
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    They weren't quite so quick to condemn it when our players were getting abused for the colour of their skin in derby matches and they still play for a support that actually hates them for their colour or religion or both.
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    Roy Keane.

    If Lawwell has to give Kennedy a job, why doesn't he employ him and his butler, chauffeur and heated driveway sweeper.
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    You cannot conflate Celtic’s Invincible Treble with the Rangers merely going undefeated in the league

    Well, they supposedly got to 55 titles in 9 years so expunging a defeat from St Mirren should be fairly easy.
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    Follow the Money

    His reputation is already a car crash.
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    Night of shame ! 28 arrested as thugs attack cops

    With two arses, he was probably to blame for the human excrement found in side streets. He obviously is at more risk of getting caught short than others.
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    rangers version 2 =Filthy, Disgusting, Manky, Hun Tramps....And Now Even THEY Agree They Are.

    I wonder if it eats away at them - the ones with a brain cell, that is, who actually know that a liquidated club is dead and yet they have to pretend that sevco is Rangers to be in with the crowd.
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    rangers version 2 =Filthy, Disgusting, Manky, Hun Tramps....And Now Even THEY Agree They Are.

    The scum have no respect for anyone or anything... covid deaths, memoriial benches or other people's property. Zombie vermin.