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    There’s going to be a Show and the Glasgow Celtic will be there

    As I always say live for the moment. The Celtic are on the cusp of history we are living through history. Future generations will look back and try to imagine how it felt and wish they could be here, maybe someone will pen a song. Anyway enjoy the next two weeks I know I will drink and sing my...
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    Gianni Infantino of UEFA has been accused of helping PSG and Manchester City circumvent UEFA FFP rules

    The more money comes in the more they need, by any means neccesary. Happened at RFC ltd they ran loans, overdrafts then when that well dried they turned to EBTs and had bodies in place in the SFA to run the cover. Celtic on the other hand cut wages, quality and staff but long term it was the...
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    Are my eyes deceiving me mhairi black mp wins award in Scotland

    And if you want to know what is being referenced you'll find it at this link, actually insightful and a good read.
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    Are my eyes deceiving me mhairi black mp wins award in Scotland

    Anyone who wants to ask Mhairi Black here you go.
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    A Tavernier debate ... Seriously?

    Poor defender he can't defend ripped apart by Celtic continuously. Got a decent cross on him and scores penalty's. Wouldnt have him in Celtic team dont even think Aberdeen would pick him over Logan.
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    Best Locals to watch the hoops

    Am off to Fort William on Sunday. Starting early to get up in time for the game was gonna watch it in the Crofters heard it was a tim pub. πŸ€
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    Commentary Vs No Commentary?

    To busy shouting over the telly to hear it, or so the wife says. 🀬
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    Ian Durrant - Bigot leaves Dumbarton as sectarian video emerges

    It shows up their thick uneducated inbred mentality. If it wisnae for football he'd have ended up a jakey begging on the streets. Their at a night to talk about their careers but they resort to sectarian shit their a stain on Scottish life.
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    Salzburg v Celtic Match Thread

    Fingers crossed. πŸ€žπŸ€
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    Celtic FC Statement on semi finals

    That's true, Fergus would have had them all in a court of law while this board are a spineless lot letting Celtic and it's fans get shafted time after time and to think Fergus took some amount of shit at the time.
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    Nicholarse Latest Crap

    Dont complain do what I do. Dont buy a paper, dont subscribe to SKY and click on bait. Only get my news from Celtic blogs and CelticFC official. The rest is all speculative pish trying to be heard/read. Dont give them the oxygen.
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    Corner Kicks

    Not been a threat from set pieces for a few years now. Either hit first defender or over hit corners most times. And free kicks are a joke.
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    Bobby Madden. Sevco season ticket holding...

    No long up and still no seen a clip yet. But from sect 103 it was clear as day. Straight red any day. Its what you expect though operation stop Celtic in full swing.
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    Lewis Morgan - A future No 10 in the making?

    I have a mate whos a st mirren season ticket holder n he rates him, stood out last season for St Mirren n didnae want to see him go. He is looking promising.
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    Kris Boyd

    The guys a class 1 f***y. Waste money on a s**t hair transplant, hes still going bald. Nothing wrong with baldness of course just when you spend a fortune to hide it. Trying hard not to swear but sometimes you need a word to emphasize a point.