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    Good luck and yes one day at a time maybe even break it down to an hour at a time in these early days.
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    Celtic Pets

    I swear Dilligaf he is the spitting image of our big cat who terrorised the wee female cat my teenage daughter brought home one day and it was a battle zone from the word go.
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    bbc scotland

    pure utter pish imho!
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    Celtic Pets

    I used to have two Cats and they fought like cat and dog - honestly I got up one morning and my living room was covered in fur. So now I avoid any kinda pets at all cost to much bother.
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    Celtic v Kilmarnock - Sunday 23 February, Scottish Premiership, kick-off 3pm - all comments here

    I think the huns are pure and utter shyte HH
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    Celtic v Kilmarnock - Sunday 23 February, Scottish Premiership, kick-off 3pm - all comments here

    Are they using the tune to KT’s song or have I got that wrong - I fkg hate the thought of them taking our tunes HH
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    Sevco Pile up

    Like TV1 until we hear from the horses mouth there is no point in trying to work this out. It could be about the stuff going on with SKY and Ofcom could it not?
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    Aberdeen v Celtic - Premiership, Sunday 16 February kick-off 12pm - all comments here...

    I read today mcinnis saying that Aberdeen were too passive, too nice and too respectful the last time we were up at Pittodrie . I mean does that no sound as if they are just going to go in heavy all the way through this game. Watch out Eddy and all our Bhoys. me just worrying again HH
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    oh dear do Man City know about 5 Way agreements that solves everything - or is that just here in fair old Caledonia.
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    Out of Europe

    I heard last week that the music industry is affected badly with Brexit and that’s just now. They can’t plan ahead because they don’t know how it’s going to work. With the music industry it’s going to make it difficult on all fronts like health insurance, visas for touring bands to name only a...
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    Kilmarnock v Celtic Wednesday 22 January, kick-off 7.45pm - all comments here

    I think it would be more productive if we concentrated our discussion on the the attack on Leigh Griffiths from Chris Boyd last night and the abhorrent comments he made about Leigh rather than squabbling among ourselves. Just my opinion no offence meant. HH🍀💚
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    Great Celtic sides named and rated - Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Ayrshire and Fife

    how many of you would have liked to have headed that ball - it looked like a big boulder hitting the deck. HH
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    The SFA being called out?

    that’s what I think MD. maybe some journalist has had a preview of what’s going to come out. That is IMO the only logical reason why this has surfaced just now. also, as for the RC incident, Celtic cannot come out and say anything if it has been a police matter and that’s what I read on here...