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    Scottish Sporting Integrity League (SSIL)

    Numpty fae Dumbarton on Clyde SSB. Last caller. Calls for the Huns to start up own breakaway league with Lindfield, Welsh Teams and unhappy Scottish teams due to non sporting integrity in SPFL. Quality answer fae Hugh & Alex Rae. They are becoming unhinged one hun at a time. 😂
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    No sport.. so what you guys watching?

    YouTube where we have humped then before & after they died. Watched all the stuff around 2012 what a great night of comedy. "The big house must stay open" hahahahaha
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    ''Everyone , Anyone'' at Ibrokes long as the OO/ DUP PR man agrees !

    WTF... Let's all laugh at bigots. Everyone, Anyone. The Friday night statement o'clocks are going to be golden...
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    Hand Washing

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    Hand Washing

    Who would have thought....
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    This is class

    That was excellent. Celtic get them booked for half time at the next huns game.
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    Their goalie mom. Aberdeen had about 3 really good chances. Bottle crashing. Oh the Deedco are :poop:
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    EFL Charge Derby County for Overspending

    Happens everywhere else accept here in Scotland funny that. SFA/SPFL read BBC article. I can't get the hyperlink to attach.
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    Don't think it was plastic pitches. If you didn't have a 10k stadium. Remember the jags didn't get up & the sheep didn't get relegated one year. Think the park is being used as an excuse for yesterday's defeat. There are at least 3/4 plastic pitches at Lennoxtown the player's would have trained...
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    We do send fringe players out to lower league & spl teams at the moment. Our top 11 couldn't beat Livi yesterday, but your argument is that two16yr olds would have? Nonsense. There was no need for winger's yesterday tight park 442 would have been better suited with the two fullbacks as the width.
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    Livingston v Celtic - Sunday 6 October, kick-off 12 noon - all comments here

    Totally agree. Free kicks & corners terrible hardly ever beats first man. Please practice these. Only Griff can deliver on the money.
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    No fight, No spirit, No football

    We didn't play our game. We let Livi dictate their play on us. And we need to do something about free kicks & corners we are dog:poop: at them can't get past the first guy.
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    You are talking mince. Dembele & Okoflex to play against a team who barge into players. They couldn't beat lower league team in the caramel wafer cup. So we just drop 16 million pound player and player of the year and play two 16 year olds.
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    No fight, No spirit, No football

    Poor, poor performance. Going to having to listen to the huns over the international break #goingfor55. We need to stop giving them oxygen.