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    Total embarrassment tonight

    Its quite plain that the players are not in tune with Lennon.Almost all at sometime are played out of position.They are left out for inferior favorites.Its not rocket science play your strongest team every game.Football is easy it’s the management who overthink things.It takes fitness ,heart and...
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    Total embarrassment tonight

    lubo defense was abysmal John Kennedy is defensive coach.How in gods name can you coach players to do fuck all when a corner comes in ,or a free kick unbelievable!.And a manager that thinks putting on Tcham will rescue things.He cannot rescue this club and he risks 10.Him and his staff need to...
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    Celtic punished for first offence..."rangers" sevco praised..... Nicola has my SNP membership in shreds...

    You know guys I,m still seething on how this has gone down.We were cut to ribbons by Sturgeon as were Aberdeen.Yet more and more no matter how angry and sickened by it I get NOTHING CHANGES.How many more times does Celtic let it pass with no comment or action taken.Its becoming too obvious by...
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    Lille v Celtic - Match Thread

    I,LL tell you Winter I paid particular attention to Tcham and it was a sickening sight.A more gutless performance will not be tolerated in a Celtic Jersey.Turnbull,Soro and Rogic sitting on the bench and he persevered with this empty jersey.He had nothing to lose by putting fresh legs on and as...
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    We're upfront. What about the tribute act?

    Very optimistic of you Bobo.I would not hold my breath waiting on our award winning journo,s asking any iffy questions.One day though one will chance it,and blood will flow.Shite always floats to the top and it WIll happen.☘️HH.
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    We're upfront. What about the tribute act?

    I don,t think it will be a hard audit Shammy.Fuck all subtracted from fuck all IS.😂
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    We're upfront. What about the tribute act?

    They might be in deep shite Stevie but tonight that wee turd Kheredine on the news asked Mcleish if sevco might stop the 10.Alkie Alec said never mind 10 Sevco were going for 55.Could you believe the wee soup taker just smiled and never called him out on it.What a miracle in our time formed in...
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    Standard liege players test positive

    Surely there is some mechanism where our board can see the test results of teams we play.Every team should have their results before a ball is kicked.Its not hard to do if each team is testing properly.It must be sorted because Sevco only know how to cheat and they most certainly are.A huge...
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    Jeez man anyone watching that today would see we really needed some inspiration.We had a chance at 0-1then when everyone saw what was needed.Our master tactician bring on TOM Rogic to change the pace and take the game to them.I give up.HH.
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    This better no be right🙈🙈🙈

    I,ve been sitting here still stunned by today,s events.By any stretch of imagination we should be able to see this mob off.I have read the comments on here and elsewhere.Big Jock said play your strongest team and go out to win every game.The players are there but our manager thinks he,s a genius...
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    Imagine leaving Celtic for Burnley? Ryan Christie’s money versus glory dilemma

    Yer right V Broony on his game there is none better.In all the games so far it grinds to a halt,we are fannying about in defense as the opposition walk back and get ready to park the bus.Turnbull when he came on last week got the midfield motivated.We started to look very good and cruised into...
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    We can all use a laugh

    The auld wans are the best shammy.😜
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    We can all use a laugh

    Indian brave says to his da,why is our chief called Dark Cloud and my grandad Running deer.My uncle is called Little Bear.His da says when baby is born father looks out of tepee and calls son after first thing he sees.Why all the questions Two Dogs Fucking.🤓
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    "They won't be played Tina Turner on the bus home tonight"

    They like the Big O. Its Over,In Dreams,and Crying. Fock yer Penny Arcade. Jeez they must be spewing.☘️☘️HH.😂