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    Maryan Shved.

    ? Jesus! All read up on the facism mate. There's a nasty wee edge to this forum. I'm aff anyhoo Season ticket holder North Lower for 14 yr. Be in no doubt about my loyalties.
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    Maryan Shved.

    Nice input. Ta
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    Strange words.

    Weedocbhoy60 re posted this question mate. Good thread wasted
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    Maryan Shved.

    This was on previous thread and is an excellent question IMO, but thread was hijacked. There is a lot o daft kids on here I'm suspecting The summer spat wi Pete and Brenda may not have been put to bed afterall. Celtic seem to putting finishing touches to a deal for young Ukrainian winger...
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    Davie Provan Rangers will take another liquidation to stop ten in a row

    I honestly think they 'll run whole thing till destruction trying to stop 10iar, already looking for other" investor's" in far East. Ashley ,the shareholders, creditors will get told the same. Join the q
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    I'd love to get sevco in the next round

    Would love it, they need slapped about again.
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    Davie Provan Rangers will take another liquidation to stop ten in a row

    I ve said elsewhere, that club is ready to run itself into admin 2 trying to stop us doing 10iar. Celtic to prepare for that.
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    Proper Cup Game

    Beeb one Auckinleck v Ayr. Ayrshire Jnr fitba is hard as auld coffin nails and Talbot are the Real Madrid but this is a cracking Ayr side. Good game so far, love stadiums on telly that have hooses as a backdrop.
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    Celtic v Airdrie

    Tell you whit,Broon on way oot, McGregor too young. Biton might be aboot to have his time
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    Transfers Again

    Aye I'm all for admitting the team might have stopped progressing at times. But Rodgers is up wi MON. Be remembered as a Great Celtic manager no matter whit happens from now on.
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    Yaya Toure......Aye or Naw?

    Naw. Unless a very short term fix. And his contract should be heavily based on appearance fees
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    What to do with Ntcham?

    He's a really good player on his day but has been severely short changing the club toward the end of last year, was an empty shirt on the Huns game, like a lot of them I'll admit. If his heed is at Celtic defo keep, but otherwise I'd take the 15 mill and buy someone who wants to be at Celtic
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    Fire !!!

    Insurance should cover Auld Man Defoes Pension ??
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    Gerrard is Gonnie Be Great.....But

    It won't be with Rangers. Looking at his 1st 6 months at a club so mental it's Aye Ready to spend themselves deed.......again this time maybe forever, in the pursuit of stopping 10. They know it's the real end this time of they can't allow 10. He's done well I hate to say it, big nuts...
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    Loan deals. The two headed beast??

    No a massive fan of loans, but 3 or 4 to boost the squad is fine. The problem is as OP said is if you build a team of them. That's sticking plaster squad development IMO.