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    Celtic v hamilton thread

    Well played today took the goals well thought Hamilton were putting themselves about and they got lucky with their goal only thing that worried me today was that we struggled a bit with their corners.
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    Celtic v hamilton thread

    Sitting nervously waiting for the 1st game of the season not been like that since the Lazio away game putting it down to fact we have so much riding on this season c'mon the hoops
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    Things that could stop the ten ?

    They have a system in place for playing us as last season it almost worked but they went to Dubai and came back fighting with each other whereas we came back and fought to win. Their fans are an entitled lot and some of our younger fans don't know much about losing the league and expect the team...
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    Celtic v Hibs game thread ...all posts in here...

    Good run out for the boys today some stood out others still have a fair bit to go if they want to be pushing for a 1at team slot
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    Celtic v Hibs game thread ...all posts in here...

    Think the Hibs game is going to be a second string team with Griff playing to get sharpen up a bit more
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    Virtual Season Ticket.

    Took me till 25mins into the game to get on just as well it was a friendly seen a lot of others having problems
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    Celtic v Ross County game thread.....all posts in here

    Anyone else having problems logging in to their virtual season tkt
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    Celtic v Ross County game thread.....all posts in here

    Strong team getting ready for start of the league not the strongest looking bench looking to give the young bhoys some game time
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    Voted Celtic's Greatest Ever Player, Jimmy Johnstone - The wee man with a huge talent

    When you see the treatment handed out to Jinky and the way he got up it shows the players of today like Neymar who roll 10 yards screaming in agony for the raids they are
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    Huns caught breaking the rules......again

    This is something that UEFA should have given clear instruction on but given th for ineptitude at giving direction on the ending of competitions its unlikely t hat they would get involved although they should be laying down the rules to be followed by associations regarding testing
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    the Neymar Jr appreciation thread.

    Neymar suffers from wee man syndrome with Messi and Ronaldo playing and some of the other players stepping up these days he will never be regarded as the best player about he will always be they annoying wee guy
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    I can only say I agree with Chris Sutton regarding his article this morning.

    Don't think Sutton is telling the fans anything we don't know already know. A top centre half would be ideal rather than a prospect as there is a lot at stake this season out test is the board thinking that because we have better players we are guaranteed to win the league just look back at the...
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    "What Budget?" ominous words from the Celtic manager Neil Lennon

    Every season the qualifiers for the CL have a big bearing on the transfer budget if Celtic manage to beat the odds then more money could possibly become available or the flip side a player is sold to make up some of the difference in the money available from the Europa this season I think the...
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    Celtic v PSG match thread, all comment here

    Not sure what the thinking was behind arranging this game we all know they would be a severe test for the team at the best of times with the players they have but for a pre-season when building confidence and fitness is what it's all about its not a great idea
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    Celtic v Lyon match thread, all posts in here....

    Well finished goal grab another couple of goals and we will be happy