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    Celtic should hold investigation.

    1st day back on site and for all the years iv never heard so much pish about Celtic!! Next time that prick Stevie G mentions a ref we shld be down his throat after another pish statement !! Hope to fuck oor Brendan is licking his wounds from last sat and sets about they manky cunts next time we...
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    Celtic should hold investigation.

    The way it's went I wld be surprised if there was any threats! Total pish to me, if there was any I'm sure we wld have seen evidence by now or is it that every1 has jumped on the bandwagon to beat Celtic again! Still fuck all about the banners about big jock!!? Few shit msg of hit over the...
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    If it was broony and not that wee shit!!

    I'm honking with msg and all things tinternets (as still game says) but for the last 4 hours the amount of pish I have took from the manky mob is incredible!! Wit the fuck if Broony done what that wee cunt done last sat it wld be on the headline BBC news!! Here it goes with that prick beaton...
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    Salzburg v Celtic Match Thread

    Why do we fall apart!! We just struggle to keep any sort possession, red bull don't have any big names yet they play as a half decent team, I still think we are dropping behind in Europe against teams that have half our strength! We are Celtic for fuck sake!!!!
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    Salzburg v Celtic Match Thread

    Spot on! We are absolutely shocking in Europe, why can a workman like team probably on half our wages look so confident and make us look like we forgot who our teammate are as soon as we arrive at the airport
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    Tommy Burns

    After the days shite I caught up with the doc on alba feeling down, my word what a man! If only 1 of oor players today had tommys guile, God bless you tam and your family x