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    Hamilton v Celtic Sunday 2 February, kick-off 12.30pm - all comments here

    Only a victory today and hopefully a boost to the goal difference!!!
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    Winning the league by 3 points or 30?

    Obviously I'll take winning the league every year, but what's more exciting for you...winning by 30 points or winning on the last day by a couple? When I was younger I loved the excitement of it going to the wire, but now, I'll take by as many points as possible - my heart just can't take it!!!!
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    Pure Nostalgia......

    The return game was one of the most exhilarating experiences I've ever had at parkhead, even although we got beat. The place was bouncing, think arvaleta (sp) scored at parkhead. Think lubo was a sub and when he came on for the last wee bit it really settled the crowd. If I remember right...
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    10 for Forster!

    If Fraser doesn't get 10 out 10 in every paper tomorrow then I'll be fizzing!!!
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    Forster song

    My wife has just had twins, I'm naming them Fraser and forster!
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    League Cup Final - Celtic v the Rangers, Beautiful Sunday 8 December - all comments here

    I'm going 5-2 to us, but as usual it will be a Dr Who game for me as I'll be hiding behind the couch (lol)!
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    Hillsborough, The Families - 'They have persevered with the utmost integrity and in a way that shames all who have let them down,' Kenny Dalglish

    I cannot recommend Phil Scranton's 'Hillsborough the Truth' highly enough. It should be taught in secondary schools!
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    Heartfelt sympathy for Fernando Ricksen who has passed away

    Very sad, as you say, horrible disease. My thoughts go out to his family and especially his wee daughter!
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    the Rangers v Celtic - Beautiful Sunday, 1 September - all comments here

    I just can't call it. If they win 5-2, it wouldn't surprise me in the same way if we win 2 nil!!! I'll be watching behind the couch!
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    Just loved this. Sorry if you've already seen it.

    I thought it was an April fools!!!!!
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    Your worst Celtic moments!

    1989-1995, terrible,terrible years. Was at a 5-1 defeat game at ibrox (trying to forget it, 1989 or 1990). Went to a European game where jacinovski (sp) scored four goals and we still went out. Hampden in the rain against dolly, got beat. Miller came on as a sub and got subbed. Think one of the...
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    Returning to Celtic?

    Is it true that when Walker came back the second time he was paraded in front of the media with a celtic top, which they then charged him for!!!!????
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    John McGinn - The one that got away

    The one who got away???? It was even crazier in the 1980s! Every week one got away with our biscuit tin mentality. My brother used to look at the Daily Record and say, "who are we not signing today". Lol!!!
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    Brendan Rodgers

    Personally, and it's just a view, I wouldn't put BR in the same mould as Mo Johnson and as for miller, think we got him on a free and sold him for 3 mill. Not a bad bit of business!