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    Jim Farry

    In the supposedly paranoid mind of the average Celtic fan there has long been a deep rooted suspicion of the motives of Scottish Football Association. This suspicion of the national association was born from incidents such as the infamous ‘Flag Flutter’ and a perceived bias against Celtic...
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    Oh dearie me Liam

    I listened to this several times and was sure he was using a wee swearie. I thought 'how is he getting away with that?' Then someone suggested he is saying 'thumped' and now when I listen to it I can't hear anything else. :-) Weird. Try listening again and think 'thumped'.
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    It was always Parkhead to me growing up. It has entered the vernacular and so is a perfectly valid option for describing Paradise imo.
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    Have you any funny Celtic related stories to tell?

    Wee story about Tommy Burns. Back in 1996 Celtic were on a pre-season tour in Holland. My mate lived just outside Amsterdam so I went over and we took in the match against Gouda (Celtic won 8-1). After the game there was a band playing in the clubhouse. A Dutch band playing pop stuff. The...
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    Worst Of Hacks? Who Gives Us The Worst Time?

    I don't read the redtops any more but I used to get really annoyed by Gordon Waddell. A bitter bluenose with a pen who looked like he lifted his articles from Follow Follow. Is he still a 'journalist'? Don't get me started on Bill Leckie the St Mirren fan.....