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    Ewan Henderson

    Great to see another academy player being streamed into the first team. I really liked Liam, thought he was a fine player. Like Allan opportunites in the Celtic midfield are few and far between. Hope the lad gives it everything he's got. Surely, there is an academy "defender" on the horizon?
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    Celtic v St Mirren - all comments here

    Ryan Christie is silky smooth. He's been on the tail end of everything positive for us tonight. Sinny has been unplayable. Patience and speed on the ball. Every player is making themselves available for the ball. Shifting it beautiful. πŸ’― Percent championship football.
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    Celtic v Airdrie

    Very stagnent first half by Celtic, Airdrie being stiff and defending in numbers. Ralston and Bain were the only ones in the first half to get pass marks. Really glad Brendan is sticking by big Tony. He was a miss for the Rangers game until he came on and gave us some stability. Can't see Burke...
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    McManus was an old fashioned type of defender. No airs or graces. Just get tight and win the ball back. Hope he instills these characteristics in our future defenders. Duff not sure, but we will see how he gets on.
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    Gutman and Perez nearly over the line A left back and a right back having been on the Celtic shopping list for a long, long time. Its great news. Free transfers so...
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    Karamoko Dembele - 5 year plan

    It's always the fancy money of England that speaks louder to the younger players rather than the badge on your chest and hard graft on the training fields. Think Feruz was always hyped up and he believed the hype which ruined him eventually...
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    Karamoko Dembele - 5 year plan Really good read on the youngsters performance so far. The article gives the fans a snippet into how deeply invested Rodgers is on creating the stars of the future. Its good Celtic have learned...
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    Sturridge to Celtic...

    Meant the weekly wage ☺ πŸ˜‚
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    Sturridge to Celtic...

    Give me a 60k Andrew Robertson any day of the week. He covers every blade of grass on the park..
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    Sturridge to Celtic...

    50 goals in 5 seasons for Liverpool it's just not cutting the mustard for me...talented player @ one point in time but those days are long gone.
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    Sturridge to Celtic...

    Just seen this on Twitter via @JHFootballAgent "Interesting developments out of Celtic. Its possible that Daniel Sturridge could be joining the club. Unsure whether this is permanent or loan but enquiries have been made with Liverpool willing to let him leave. #CelticFC #YNWA" I should note that...
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    Sutton Death Threats - Consulting Police

    My two cents on this..Chris Sutton is the only Scottish football analyst worth listening too. Sutty speaks the truth, holds the correct people to account and doesn't work within the usual parameters of football journalism. Which is dull and boring. He doesn't have a filter, he's a fresh realist...
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    Weah is on his way...just in!

    What happens to Bayo in this instance? If he signs does that mean he will play second fiddle.. Until and if Weah doesn't work out after 6 months?
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    Weah is on his way...just in!

    Timothy Weah on a 6 month loan deal with the option of a 12 month extension. To be announced in the next 48 hours via @ Celtic Bible on Twitter.
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    Weah is on his way...just in!

    Wahey... πŸ‘πŸ‘