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    Match Fred

    really happy with the defending of cross balls into the box tonight
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    green brigade protest against new board appointment

    Rather than having a silent protest can I suggest you ask supporters in the stadium not to purchase refreshments such as pies, bovril or anything else from the food stand you could also add to this purchasing half time raffle draw this would keep the atmosphere on game days but would let the...
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    The huns fail to show racism the red card

    that odious bluenose John Beaton rescues sevco with another dubious penalty
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    Hibs v Celtic - Easter Road, Wednesday 27 October kick-off 7.45pm, live on Hibs PPV £14.99

    can someone please tell starlet he can go long for once he's giving me palpitations going to have a heart attack watching him
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    Aberdeen v Celtic - Sunday 2nd October, kick off 12.00

    wasn't quite 3-0 a very disjointed performance but a Win none the less2-1 we'll take it maybe today is the turning point for us
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    Joe Hart

    when we signed Joe Hart I will say I didn't think he was up to it anymore but I'll concede he has been a success despite the defence letting him down
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    David Turnbull

    the game is done
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    David Turnbull

    well we know Ralston is not
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    David Turnbull

    Is he good enough for Celtic! what the feck was he thinking there , when your in that position you always play the safe ball first then regroup.
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    too many not good enough

    too many not good enough
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    Anthony Ralston

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    Anthony Ralston

    maybe at Aberdeen because that where he should be working offshore because if there is one thing he isn't its a footballer
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    James McCarthy

    we now know the reason James McCarthy couldn't get game time with Crystal Palace, he is rubbish. Don't know who gave him a 4 year deal but they seriously want to take a long hard look at themselves.
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    Livingston v Celtic - Premiership, Sunday 19th September

    Ajeti, striker the words should never be used in the same sentence
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    Livingston v Celtic - Premiership, Sunday 19th September

    feck Motherwell and the rats what about the shite we have been watching think Abada was still on religious holiday the quicker James Forrest is fit the better then Abada can fuck of back to Israel