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    The Forster final

    Supposing that we did not get the decision for the goal, would The Rangers have gotten that penalty? Think about it, The Rangers would have gotten a free kick, then the formation would have been different. The score would still have been 0-0, we would still have 11 players on the field with...
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    Future Celtic Managers.

    I was one of those who did not want Neil Lennon as our permanent manager, I am now starting to think that maybe we got lucky with Neil, as he has improved greatly, and my biggest fear now is that Lawwell will again look for the cheap option when Neil leaves. Davie Hay has said that John Kennedy...
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    Is Signing Forster Necessary?

    Craig Gordon should stay as no1, he was dropped by Brendan unfairly, man of the match against The Rangers, yes, Bains distribution is better, but Gordon is easily the best shot stopper, and that is the most important thing for a goalkeeper. I am glad to see big Forster back, but he has hardly...
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    The Green Brigade

    He has been here for too long, he should never have given Neil Lennon the job without interviewing other candidates, he gave Ronny Deila the managers job because he was a cheap option when Steve Clarke was available, he gave Neil Lennon the managers job twice, again as cheap options. The first...
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    The Green Brigade

    He has been here far too long and made millions out of us. He has to go NOW.
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    The Green Brigade

    There must be some of the Green Brigade here on Celtic Noise. Please get a banner up saying LAWWELL OUT. Otherwise nothing is going to change, and we will end up again with stands closed. This man is a greedy capitalist who only cares for his own bonuses, and is responsible more than anyone else...
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    Transfer Round-up (merged)

    I don't think so, he is nowhere near as good as Crag Gordon, barring injury, he has another two years in him.
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    Buying Scottish Players.

    I have read so often in the past that any players we sign playing in Scotland would be much better playing with better players. I'm not so sure about that, take the boy Turnbull who we are trying to sign from Motherwell, he has scored 16 goals playing from midfield. Now just suppose he signs...
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    The Impartiality od Scottish Referrees.

    James Forrest wrote about this in his blog today, I rarely post there because of the incompetence of the moderators, so I want to make a point here. Do a lot of the media on football phone ins and newspapers etc, not realise that there is some sort of corruption in any job, from taxi drivers to...
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    Celtic v Kilmarnock - all comments here

    You have that spot on Conor, but I have to say that I have never had much faith in Lawwell.
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    Celtic v Kilmarnock - all comments here

    There are many reports in the media about Kilmarnock having three first picks short, and how they have had to rearrange their defence, but no mention about any of Celtics first picks missing, Tierney, Boyota, Christie, not to mention Griffiths, especially for his corner kicks and free kicks. I...
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    Why it should be Lenny

    Sorry mate Neil Lennon is not the man to take us forward, his record the first time was not that good bar one season. We need a guy with a top European CV, or good English Premier League experience.
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    Celtic v Aberdeen - Scottish Cup semi-final, Hampden, 14 October - all comments here

    I have that feeling too Noah, they will score and shut up shop, we have not been too good in the scoring lately.
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    The Rangers Should Be Greatful.

    It should have been Ollie Burke on for the second half, just think what his pace would have done to That Sevco defence.