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    Who was/are the Huns you most detest and why?

    All the foreign players they signed who dived head first into the sectarian cesspit to pander to the nutters especially the Italian catholic’s gattuso amarousso etc sold ther soul to the devil
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    SMSM already in meltdown

    Wat an absolute tosser and it’s only gony get more desperate as we put Sevco to the sword
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    Sevco transfer propaganda strategy explained

    Noo slippys begging for somebody to sign el bluffalo f****n embarrassing or what😂😂😂😂
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    Sevco transfer propaganda strategy explained

    The Daily Reptile latest Sturridge back on the radar but only if they get £20 million +for el bluffalo f****n deluded or what😂😂😂😂
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    Daniel Sturridge

    Naw remember last season when slippy took the job it was Torres and Wayne Rooney 😂😂😂😂
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    Slippy Gs time frame

    But it’s all feel good stories and moon beams fae the hun media desperately searching the planet for anybody wae a positive story about the mighty sevco This morning the Daily Reptile got a story from mickey Mellon who?tellin us the guy George somebody is gony b a superstar for them the guy they...
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    David Turnbull

    Snyde ssb jst tweeted that Celtic offered to take him on loan for a year with no guarantee that they would sign him at the end of loan deal so they are sayin Motherwell pulled the plug probly bullshit from them anything to have a dig at hoops
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    Convict Chairman claims Sevco are "Scotland’s premier club"

    Must be some bad news comin down the pike Statement o’clock 😂😂
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    Tierney Threads Merged

    The Celtic hating media one clown in particular this morning “uve got to let him go to realise his full potential at a higher level “f**k off as if that’s why they want him to leave. They’re desperate to stop the nine and ten.
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    From a guy they absolutely shafted what crawling pandering creep
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    Peter Lawwell

    Investing in the squad is harder than it sounds A better quality of player than we have simply won’t come and play in the spl plus they’re lookin for wages that we jst can’t afford so we buy players who are young and hungry but then after a couple of good seasons they want away to the EPL and...
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    Rumours flying that Big Mike has rogered the Huns

    it’s ok but cos Kamara is worth £30million pmsl 😂😂😂😂
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    Joshua! 🥊

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    Joshua! 🥊

    Wilder isnae great but he’s got a pile driver of a punch don’t think an could take it
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    isn't it strange!

    They’re desperately scratching about everyday lookin for a negative story about us they will talk to anybody for anything that’s even remotely to do with us . Jst look at the Daily Reptile everyday they find sum fud wae some load a shite tae spout for money. Then it’s stories about slippy havin...