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    The sun is oot alex Rae oan the tranny 😂😂😂😂

    He wis dying tae tell Frank giruy ya fenian b it wis quality 😂🍀🍀🍀
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    Walter Smith brought out of retirement again

    A check book manager partly to blame for the death of them yet they hang on his every word.And of course he’s a rabid foamin at the mouth bigot as well.
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    Gareth McAuley

    Wat a rabid foamin at the mouth bitter basterd.And the Daily Reptile cut and paste this fae another newspaper shows u how desperate they r tae find this kind a story man they r hurtin so bad canny wait tae get the ten and watch them literally eat themselves alive wae hatred.🍀🍀🍀
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    Latest from Auldheid Re Res 12 - Merged

    Does anybody think if Lawwell did forward this to UEFA that they would deal with it honestly. Im not saying that he shouldn’t but UEFA as an organisation in my opinion are corrupt to the core have been for decades. I think they would take the SFA side and dismiss it as it would be damning for...
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    Gets more Bizarre!!!!!!

    Never happen he was at Celtic academy and they let him go no way Lawwell will sanction paying money to sign him back.
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    Is there something underhand going on with the sevco ST money........?

    Twitter is sayin they’re usin it to inflate their accounts for the sfa for the European licence
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    The Vote is no Investigation,What Now???

    Incoming from statement FC
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    Martin O.Neil Take Down.

    Fukin brilliant a luv it when guys like him slap these Sevco toadies down.
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    Exactly the £10m was best case scenario i.e profit on player sales plus they signed more players and gave new contracts to slippy and his coaches and gave new contracts to existing players add all that to they’ve had no money coming in for 8weeks it could b any number u like.
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    The Content of the Dossier Revealed

    It’s went from”corruption”to”wrong doing”to”lack of fair play” they have nothing.
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    Whoopee! bank holiday weekend,whit are awe you maddies gonnae dae?

    Ma garden bar opens at 12 noon suns oot flip flops on 😎😎😎
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    The Sevco media onslaught continues a total embarrassment 😂😂
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    SPFL Investigation

    The Daily Reptile is already on full on attack mode this morning going after McClellan bigtime.
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    Who Were The Unsung Celtic Heroes

    Ronnie Glavin Billy Stark Joe Ledley
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    It's unbelievable,the orc's are cheering coronavirus!!!!!!!

    They’ve always been the scum of the earth but I see a whole new level of abhorrent disgusting behaviour since the DUP Orange Order bigot was brought on board it seems that nothing is to low for these animals.