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    Used to take all mine down the beach when it was empty alongwith the metal detector ,thought i would have got peace to use it but there wasalways one dug who thought going in after seals was a good idea found a fair bit coinage though
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    Rules around attending matches.

    Yet you don't need a passport to stand inline along with 50-100 people at the vaccination center to get the flu jag and booster feckt if am takin it this year ,but had to take my sister to it yesterday a shambles places full of high viz fkwits and mask arse backward folk they wanna...
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    We can all use a laugh

    Wonder if Tony fitted they doors gets her points across mind you
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    Walter Smith

    think we should start a politics thread, maybe help everyone bond again
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    Walter Smith

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    On line petition

    Barry Hearn was in the sfa's company for about 3 days ,he smelt shite straight away and told them that
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    On line petition

    A just don't see it brim ,money isn't gonna make them change from the knts they are , remember there groomed up through the ranks fast tracked some of them and in no short supply , i fired off an email to them 2 yrs ago asking what percentage of ethnic minoritys exist within the scottish...
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    On line petition

    Just read your draft john , well done for getting the ball rolling am sure there were drafts years ago regarding the refs and they kinda fizzled out but no harm in trying it takes some planning as scottish refs /sfa is a closed one way street clubs remaining silent is just as much a problem...
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    On line petition

    if they knew the rules and implied the rules then fine am all for them getting a full time gig but you have to admit these useless knts we have just now are not worth a thin dime
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    On line petition

    Needs some work on the wording by going straight in on the masonic cabal it's become a dead duck ,and you'll just be boxed as paranoid Celtic fans There's hundreds of incidents online and stats to back up all that's wrong with scottish referee's and the sfa 'spl also a break down as to...
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    On line petition

    the online petitions are easy to hijack did it myself in 2012 and following years when sevco fans were raging at everyone even when they were gettin folk to with hold season ticket money and urging pledges for there fighting funds feck the amount of times Nykwanna wombosi (see bourne...
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    Michael Duffy Spl memorial tournament.

    alfredo saved ma day ,,,,,:oops:just sayin like
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    Houston clubs - hibs game

    like a villa in fergusliepark
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    Wim Jansen living with dementia as brave Celtic hero tells his story in new memoir

    Lovely guy met him when i was doing a stadium tour with my young nephews him and murdo was just before the nerday game ,have to say he looked real confident Sad to hear he has such a horrible illness and hope he finds comfort in those around him
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    The huns fail to show racism the red card

    So a charity that here s fk all by ears and says fk all by mouth and ignore the elephant in the room , now do there bidding for a racist element who are going through tweets of everyone to find dirt ,,,ignoring the irony in that ,,,,and these knts think a donation should be made to a sevco...