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    Neil Lennon

    Neil Lennon should do the right thing and resign by admitting he has lost his ability to motivate the players. Has no tacticle knowledge to change the way the game can be played.
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    Any news on transfers

    the board are waiting on the outcome of tonight's game before they will commit to any signings or spend any money. there will be hopefully a couple of signings waiting in the wings once we put tonight's game to bed with a victory. coybig.
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    New signings at Paradise!

    hi welshbhoy pl has not only let our manager down .he has let all supporters of this great club down.
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    cant see Brendan staying. we are not signing any of his choice players and selling his best players from under him.
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    Suggested Transfers

    the celtic board have been dragging there heels long enough and taking the fans for granted.