Deported to Australia cup final day April 1965.
I had watched Celtic since one of my brothers took me to watch Celtic 1958 as a 8 year old.
It was a trophy-less time but that didn't matter to my 4 older brothers, who taught me to be a Celtic supported through thick or thin.
I remember Billy Mc Neil heading the winner in our 3 - 2 victory over Dunfermaline who had beaten us a couple of years earlier in a previous cup final.
We left for Australia that same night, so I couldn't get the pleasure of giving the hun mates some of what they had given me over our dry years.
Being scared of flying I didn't come home till 2009 but knew it was my fatherly duty to take my kids to there first Celtic match. My then partner said if we got married we could get married at Celtic park. Of course I said yes TBH I would of married Margret Thatcher to get married at Celtic park. Altho it's been 55 years in Australia my brothers & I are still as staunch Celtic family members as if it was yesterday. We all have Celtic TV and I'm a member of Sydney Celtic Club since it started in the early 70s when one of the members family used to tape the games and send it out to us. HH
Nov 18, 1949 (Age: 71)
Sydney Australia


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