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    The 96

    Rupert Murdoch is the most evil man (owens the Sun) the way he uses his vast media empire to change governments if they don't do what he wants. When Tony Blair was just elected and met Paul Keating (Oz prime minister) Keating told him if he doesn't dance to Murdoch's tune he will get his...
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    If not Howe, Who?

    I'm just concerned its a way to keep Kennedy for his backroom staff, as somebody with influence has been protecting him. We have been terrible at corners since he has been coaching our defence.
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    If not Howe, Who?

    I watched him here in Australia for several years. To be kind not the best.
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    Congratulations Brendan and Leicester

    Over the 50 years I have followed Celtic we have lost a lot of great players because the board didn't fulfill the promises they made. Ask Mcavennie, Maurice Johnston,ect Ps altho I still can't forgive Judas Johnson :(
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    We really dont want VAR in Scotland!!!

    I'm of the opposite opinion if we have VAR those cheating Orange bastard refs won't get away with as much.
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    theRangers V Celtic

    Yes 7 its the hope that kills us :(
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    Howe Logical is Celtic’s Managerial Timeline? And the Rodgers Photographs Eddie needs to see

    My problem with Kennedy ( a defender)is he has been the defence coach for several years & our defending at set pieces has been the worse in my long long memory.
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    Team of the Decade of Dominance

    Whit no Tom Rogic?
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    Happy st patricks day

    I even remember singing it at Celtic Park when my brothers took me when I was a wee laddie
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    Sevco covid breach

    The fact that the Bears want to stay in the Union is enough for me to support the SNP.
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    Does Lenny take charge of Training?

    I could handle them winning the league if it was just a normal season, but this if for never to be repeated ever 10 in a row. I feel as if we lost it before we gave it our best effort.
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    Will we win the league?

    I'm not for or against Lenny until KT said the difference between Celtic and the way Arsenal approach a game is night and day. Arsenal are so professional not only do they look at video of there own last game they study video of the next opponents so thioether he said when the game is being...
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    Celtic v Ross County - Match Thread

    If some have their boots with them they might get a contract from DD or PL
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    Hibs v Celtic - Match Thread, all comments here

    You left out Tom Rogic its only since Lenny put him back in the team we started firing again.
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    Aberdeen v Celtic - Match Thread

    Yes I agree and he is free and available doing commentary for Celtic TV