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    Hibs v Celtic - Match Thread, all comments here

    You left out Tom Rogic its only since Lenny put him back in the team we started firing again.
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    Aberdeen v Celtic - Match Thread

    Yes I agree and he is free and available doing commentary for Celtic TV
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    Aberdeen v Celtic - Match Thread

    They will do anything to stop us going to Mass Sunday mornings. ;)
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    Aberdeen v Celtic - Match Thread

    I could be wrong but isn't it the team who plays away gets the later KO?
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    If they have special arrangements for the Tory party leader and suspect Referee Ross when on European Duty. Why not have special arrangements for Christie who was on Scotland duty. Why send footballers all over the world for non important & friendly games just crazy stuff
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    Breaking: Celtic dealt blow as Ryan Christie set for 14 day isolation

    I don't think he will be as big a loss as his father thinks he will be, he tries to take everything corners, penalties free kicks, even when french Eddie is much better. I prefer Tam Rogic anyway ;)
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    We can all use a laugh

    Don't hold back HOOTIE tell us what you really think :)
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    Add to this list companies you think members should avoid once we get back to normality

    USA is the richest country in the world but it doesn't even make the top 3 for standard of living. The 3 Scandinavian countries which are Socialist countries consistently come 1st 2nd & 3rd. They have a high tax rate but they get it back in services, everybody pays no tax dodgers there. When...
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    Special Moments in your life

    Lucky you, the only time a woman has said she loved me is when they are holding my bank statement
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    1st day as a teacher!!!

    I had a similar experience with our youth, I taught them how to fight. When I walked into the local boozer, my students are now 6 ft bouncers on the door & refused me entry. Said I taught the local youth bad habits.
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    We can all use a laugh

    I was walking past the local park where a couple of guys with rangers tops on were playing football with a cat. I was going to phone the police but the cat scored and was winning 3-1 Boom Boom
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    January Rumours - Merged

    I lik I like Christie but his corners are worse than his penalties. Half his corners don't go past the first player. It is so noticeable when Griffith takes good corners. With the way rangers bossed the middle of the park in the last two games, I think we need another no prisoners type...
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    Out of Europe

    Does anybody know what happens when we leave Europe. Does that affect our transfers from other European countries? We are restricted to international players when we bring players in from some countries (I think)