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    Watch video of Morelos diving against Ross County, abysmal refereeing continues.

    And Barker was well offside for their second This is going to be the norm through out the season Do you think PL will nip this in the bud ? I bet wee Fergus would have had something to say alright
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    Should Boli be binned?

    They have a weekday game and one at the weekend We have to postpone 2 games
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    Great to have you back Sandman !!!
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    Celtic v Hibs game thread ...all posts in here...

    Can't wait for the football to start ! And for the Sandman to give us his opinions !!!!
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    Can you believe this nonsense ? 4th official bs as per

    Has anyone heard the rumour that Slippy has gone to Bristol Rovers ?
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    Who runs this site? Get your act together......

    I agree 100% If the site posts these sevco ads they're lacking in what it takes to be an admin Come on bhoys get the ads situ sorted HH
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    Statement o clock

    I stopped reading after transparency
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    A Brilliant Forum so let's keep it that way

    Banter is fine We all do it But ..... Some of the stuff that's being posted is disgusting and I don't want any part in it No one deserves the bile that was posted here !!
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    A Brilliant Forum so let's keep it that way

    Quite right First of all I was recommended to this group by my brother who has been a member for a long while and I thought it was a great site with great posts although we didnt all agree However now all I see are certain posters bullying one person Its not what I came on here for If I wanted...
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    Here we go again !!!!!

    That's true it wasn't the fact we got beat - it was the manner in which we were beat It could and shouldve been finished over there and the chances we missed tonight were woeful
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    Here we go again !!!!!

    Here we go - I know it's a blow we're out and that's that but ffs We're Glasgow Celtic Win lose it draw !! It's shit esp when the the manky mob are still in but after a moan and such we'll dust ourselves down and get back to winning ways This was our 1st defeat of 2020 CTID that's us It could be...
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    Note from Christopher Miskimmon to your Facebook Page Celtic Star

    took the words right out of my brain lol !!!!! I was going to.type in the very same Let's have a whip round Great minds think alike