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    Git them telt TT😁😁🤣🤣
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    'These people are not real Rangers fans,' Jonathan Burns

    Absolutely sean .I' know some ,even on here want the cunts to survive but keep battering them on the field and stick it up them that way .personally I want to see the scum of the earth bastards deid n gone for good .The world would be a far better place without the rancid cunts . God bless TB...
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    The Wall!!!

    They fkn will be MD they were 7 nil down last I heard FHH
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    The moonbeams are early this year

    No, fuck that Kelly, no apologies I'm still chuckling. HH
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    Haha. My uncle used to be a gynaecologist .he's retired noo but he still does the odd homer,just to keep his hand in .HH
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    A wee guy says to his mother. Ma I've got the biggest dick in the nursery. Is that cos I'm fae glesga.... Ma says,new, it's cos yir 28 ya fuckin retard. Now eat yir spaghetti hoops and don't spill any doon yir rangers tap. 🤣
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    Celtic v Ross County - Scottish Premiership Saturday 19 October 3pm - all comments here

    Just watched that mob .how the fuck they're anywhere near the tap is beyond me .mini huns keeper never even had a save to make. Ball fell luckily to duffer and even then he nearly fell ower his own feet. That shower a cnts are fuckin useless. We'll surely gie them a good kicking at paradise but...
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    The duffer

    Arsehole. Couldny score in a barrel a Fannies wi a 100 pound note tied to his knob.HH
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    Your Unsung Celtic Heroes

    Always had a soft spot for mike Galloway HH
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    Scotland v San Marino - Sunday 13 October Wooden Spoon Euro Final

    Feckin scorchio in tenerife md HH
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    Celtic v Cluj - Europa League, Thursday 3 October, kick-off 8pm - all comments here

    Sandman, if corpus , broonie and eddy don't get at least a 9, your getting a boot in the davina McCalls HH
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    Celtic v Cluj - Europa League, Thursday 3 October, kick-off 8pm - all comments here

    Broonie, corpus , eddy. All fkn magnificent. Been a while since we seen a Celtic team put in so much graft . Boli, hamed , Julien, the whole team actually. Kudos to NFL HH COYBIG
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    VAR 🙈🙈🙈

    Nae chance of getting until the establishment stops the 9 or definitely the 10 .I've asked aboot a dozen huns do they want var and to a .an they've replied,no. They fkn know the truth. Cunts Hh
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    Sky sports ref watch

    They're aw the same the cnuts. We'll never get our share of decisions in this fkn country. It's infested wi the cheating bastards. I've said it before but the club should be highlighting every fkn injustice long and loud and calling the cunts oot on every major decision that goes against us...
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    Who or What Has Ever Inspired You?

    The gallant Bobby Sands HH