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    Summer Transfer Window Thread Now Open...

    Can honestly say every time I've seen Hickey he's looked well out of his depth. No positional sense whatsoever,.wouldn't go near either of them tbh.souttar,never aff the treatment table for one that young and no better than the likes of hendry who we've just got shot of.we should only be signing...
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    Gareth McAuley

    Gareth Mcwho? Oh please keep the pain coming. This last decade has been the best in my 55 years. In fact, in the 20 years since I moved to tenerife there's been almost nothing but success for the Tic. Fk it,I'm no coming back,in case I jinx us .Hail Hail .
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    We can all use a laugh

    That's the biggest pair a tits I've seen since right said fred done deeply dippy :p
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    Happy Birthday Michael Duffy

    Happy birthday auld yin HH
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    We can all use a laugh

    Disnae matter who goes on top there, somebody's burning their arse oan the lightbulb. Hh
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    HAPPY MONDAYS - all 9IAR comments here

    I was 9 years old when we done the first 9. I'm 55 now, lol. This one somehow feels so much sweeter than any of the other titles I've seen us lift over the years. Possibly because of the amount of pain and anguish it's causing on the dark side and the sheer unbridled joy I feel watching them...
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    HAPPY MONDAYS - all 9IAR comments here

    COYBIG. fkn get in there. Just in and catching up,happy birthday stevie,get well soon bellshillboy and let's get the rebs on and get pissed. Nae work the noo,possibly till October. This is gonna be some fkn hangover if I survive it.Hh
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    We can all use a laugh

    She had a scarf to go with that as well but it was too wee.HH
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    We can all use a laugh

    They're obviously shitting it in case they canny get one to fit the missus HH
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    Post - Lockdown , Whats the plan?

    Yip,same here docco. Restaurants and bars opat30% capacity but terraces only ,no inside tables at all. Had a walk out last night, obviously a few clowns not sticking to it but in general most people have been pretty good here and there's not as much of a problem here. Just over a 100 dead in a...
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    Priceless – A Must Read Rangers fan’s Response to our Manchester Riot Reminder

    Stop it WC . My sides canny take any more of this HH.
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    The scumbag Novo

    Won't be long bigian, his tickers diseased in more ways than one, HH
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    Tommy Sheridan ,Pollok legend šŸ˜‚

    Gaun yirsel son . Good lad Tommy,played a couple of seasons at amateur level at weirs with him when wee Billy Davies was training us. Must admit Billy never came across as one of the worst of the scumbags. Was actually not a bad guy for a gun. HH
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    The scumbag Novo

    Can expect no less from this piece of junkie filth. It's instilled in them as soon as they join the most bigoted club in the world. A club with absolutely no morals,ethics or even a shred of common decency. The quicker the shower of rancid fkers die for good the better. Thankfully that won't be...
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    The EGM Vote

    Hahaha. There'll have been a few heids in the govan oven last night. Get it right roon yis ya snivelling shower of subservient saddle sniffing stains on society. Now fk off slippy and turn the light aff on yir way oot ya dirty turncoat spunkbubble COYBIG