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    I`m knockin on a bit Shammy!!:rolleyes:
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    off topic, This is true, Dire Straits sort of.

    We need more jokes/jokers on this forum!! good on ye Brim!!
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    Price`s just remembered
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    remember that big bakery next to St Marks?
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    I also went to St Marks,not there any more I believe
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    Millsy,did you go to the Good Shepherd?
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    Celtic vs Motherwell - all comments here

    Not predicting scores after last sundays debacle....:mad:
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    Man United new manager'

    Jose will be lucky to get a job now,I heard Auchenshuggle toebashers are in for him:LOL::LOL:
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    I used to steal sweeties out that Woolies and went to the abc minors at the 3p,s,flash gordon and zorro,brilliant!!
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    Man United new manager'

    Never forgive marinehole for Seville,cheating bassa:mad:
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    Man United new manager'

    I'd drive him there masel :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Anybody else want shot of that yellow strip?

    Aye,get it tae fuck!!
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    Lying here pondering,🤔

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    Get complacent or serve up yesterday's pish de resistance and we'll be picked off like day-glo Daesh at a a sniper's convention. Love it!! :LOL:
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    A wee update

    Great to hear your getting better Bill,we need some good news at the moment. HAIL HAIL!!