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    OH WELL!

    If a didnae laugh ad greet!
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    Mind Your Language – Why Respectful Patryk Klimala is No Marian Shved

    I must admit this makes me a wee bit uncomfortable. The comparison between our players apparent different approaches to life, wherever they are from can’t be done with any degree of insight unless the author is literally part of their social circles
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    Patryk is Ready To Go

    I'm sure you're right about Patryk. Griff has shown himself to be capable of rising to a challenge; hat-trick in our last competitive game. Patryk is not a problem for anyone at Celtic.
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    Sevconian’s New Title Theory As Hoops Fans Rip Into Latest Media Puppet Katic

    I think he's doing their accounts. 1 win out of 3 = Champions; 50Million in debt = 5 million profit.
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    Patryk is Ready To Go

    Didn't get to see the game but yeah hopefully a good step for the lad and the team.
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    Patryk is Ready To Go

    Great to hear he grabbed the equaliser tonight. Watched his interview with Celtic TV this morning and was genuinely impressed with what he said. Bhoy is putting the work in 💪
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    News on Bolingoli

    That’s what I’m hoping. Wish we wouldn’t write off players so easily. Be a while before we find out though. Tbh any speculation about players probably means very little at the moment.
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    Locked out from the family...

    Can’t help but empathise with that. Ours a a bit older and are cool company. As is my good lady. Remember the time when the kids were mad as a box of frogs. You and yours will get through it 💪 🍀
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    Locked out from the family...

    ...fully appreciate that I’m not the only dealing with it. That said, having been caught out by airport closures, I’ve not been with the family for nearly two weeks now. FFS Anyway bedtime time for me, take it easy hoops. Stay home, stay safe and save some lives 🤞
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    "I'd like to recommend Celtic Noise to fellow Celtic Supporters because..."

    Because, because, because, because, because...we all talk baws ⚽️⚽️ and cats 🐱 claws. Thank you I’m here all week due to the airport being closed 🙄
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    Steven Gerrard

    Where’s @Docco when you need him 🍄
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    Just disturbing

    that’s what caught me out.
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    Just disturbing

    You’re right. I guess I just forget sometimes how entitled the hoarde can be
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    Just disturbing

    FFS just bizarre to think it never mind writing it down 🤦‍♂️
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    Just disturbing

    Sadly not. Although I was taking aback by the back up he got 🤷‍♂️