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    Rugby 1 Football 0 - Blow for Celtic as Scottish Government reject Fan Plan for Motherwell game

    I fear that you are making the mistake of thinking logically. This is a demonstration. The government is saying that if we (Boli) cannot stick to their rules, then they cannot be seen to be rewarding Celtic by allowing the test event to go ahead. It (the decision) is wrong on so many levels. But...
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    Does anybody else think that after that goal, French Eddie should be voted the winner of Strictly come Dancing? 😉
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    Bobby Murdoch would have been 76 today. He was “quite simply the Greatest Player on Earth”

    Not the best in the world but one hell of a player. He had a superb eye for a pass allied with the ability to deliver it. He had a hell of a dig and thumped a few great goals from outside the box. Remember, it was his misshit shot that Stevie Chalmers diverted for the winner in Lisbon. But best...
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    "They won't be played Tina Turner on the bus home tonight"

    Oh! You are awful. But I like you. 😉
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    "They won't be played Tina Turner on the bus home tonight"

    You Can't Always Get What You Want springs to mind. 😆😂😆
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    What times the penalty

    Only if it is still 0 - 0 😈😉😈
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    Time to get serious

    I am surprised that people are criticising the players being given 2 days off. It is quite normal for people to work a five day week. Because lots of football is played at the weekend it is entirely logical to give the players time off at the beginning of the week. Anyone involved in the fitness...
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    Should Boli be binned?

    Does your boss know what you do on your day off? The players are adults and should be treated like adults as well as behave like adults. He was away for one night. He told nobody either before he left or on his return. How the club are meant to prevent this stupidity is beyond me. As he has...
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    Should Boli be binned?

    LG hosted a party in his house which, according to pics on FB, had one more person in the house than Covid19 guidelines permit. I don't have all the details but if this is the case, sacking him is a bit of an over reaction. Some sort of reprimand / fine seems appropriate. Boli, on the other...
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    Should Boli be binned?

    Boli must go. No ifs. No buts. He is history. Talking of which he has jeopardized our attempt at 10 in a row. Two postponed fixtures mean two games fewer in the Bhoys' legs when they play the Icelanders. Instead of being well into our season by the 2nd qualifying round we will have only 2 or 3...
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    First Game...

    Starks Park v Raith in the early 60s. We won but I think I was more excited by crossing the Forth bridge on the train from Edinburgh. The winner came from a penalty awarded when Stevie Chalmers was scythed down in the box. Stevie lay on the grass with a huge smile on his coupon while Dunky McKay...
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    Gullabillies shafted by Castore 🤣

    Watched their game last night. (Who knew that I was a Leverkausen supporter?) Their problem is not so much a shortage of stars on their shirts, it's more the problem of a lack of stars in their shirts.
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    Aberdeen players test positive for COVID-19

    I am all for St Johnstone being awarded a 3 - 0 victory. The 8 players to self isolate for 10 or 14 days as appropriate. The rest of the squad retested and if they have 13 registered players including a GK (as per UEFA) games should go ahead. If they do not have 13 players available then...
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    They're bad.

    He is nothing but a fan in the commentary box. His other epics include "I don't think he's (Morelos) overweight, I think he's bulked up over the Summer." " With the temp over 30C, they (Leverkausen) will run out of steam as the game goes on. " Everyone can see Morelos is overweight and unfit and...
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    Things that could stop the ten ?

    Yes they played well and with great energy in the cup final. Unfortunately for them Fraser was at his best and the longer the game went on the more desperate / despondent they became. Yes protecting a record (of any sort) can become a chore. The fact that the players were rightly proud of their...