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    Hibernian vs Celtic - All comments here

    I don't care how big a H-- he is as long as he plays well for Celtic but I do agree, he's not good enough for Celtic. We should have beat Leicester to Benkovic at whatever price he was.
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    Hibernian vs Celtic - All comments here

    What about us being a team for all?
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    Brendan to Newcastle!?!?!?

    It's just a thing they have, it's as if Traynor (who told us for all those years he was a neutral, oh sorry an Airdrie supporter) has a relationship with Mike Ashley, which I doubt, and he comes on to him and says, hey big man, I think I'm gonna sack wee Rafa and you should put it about that...
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    Has EBT Eck proven his limitations.

    Yes, Big MacLeish would be a joke if it wasn't so serious. He has achieved very little as a manager with any club except during the "Cheats" years at Ibrox. You can clearly see that football in Scotland is not important unless its done the way of the H-ns. Will somebody please get a grip of our...
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    SFA + Celtic

    Oh by the way Gaza's a dick.
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    SFA + Celtic

    You can fall out with someone but still believe in the general thrust of their being. We believe in all things anti-sectarian and anti- racism so we can still agree with SRTRC and support their latest thrust.
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    SFA + Celtic

    Just cause we fell out with someone, it doesn't mean we'll no play wi them again.
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    Kilmarnock- no excuses about THAT pitch

    Why don't we push Brendan up to Director of football and bring in Clarke and Lennon to run the team.
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    Kris Boyd

    He said he was more effective than Mulumbu on the bench. Boyd was always more effective on the bench because him not playing made his team better off.