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    Claire Whyte petition

    Were is wee Nicola always bumping her gums about one Scotland for everyone. An SNP controlled council and she lets this go on shameful Scotland the greatest wee cesspit in the world
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    The woman beater gets off with the elbow on Broonie !

    The laughable thing is the Huns think that SFA are oot tae get them aye rite
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    An analysis

    I agree it was an unacceptable performance but I can’t help thinking if the game actually meant something the result and performance would have been vastly different. Celtic have won every crunch game in the last 3seasons.
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    Last week wen we won the league the headlines wer aw aboot the sad orange b song tae McInnes fair enuf but this week silence they’re aw terrified of the peepul and jabba
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    It’s statement o’clock 😂😂😂

    Pandering tae the lunatic majority
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    Anyone else think that Sunday is a game for Burke and Weah to start

    I would defo start Burke his pace would destroy them
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    The Riot after Celtic beat Rangers in the 1980 Scottish Cup Final

    Was there on that day never went on the park But it was a nightmare outside running battles aw the way tae high st station
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    Andy walker

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    The Glasgow Derby

    The Daily Reptile has 6 yes 6 feel good stories about Sevco online this morn slippy g had a “powerful meeting with Klopp “wat the f**k does that even mean. You can smell there fear.
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    Ajax what's the thoughts?

    Ajax wer so unlucky hit the post twice in the second half lorris had some outstanding saves Got to feel for them a superb young side deserved to go thru.
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    League Reconstruction

    either that or they will announce that the tv contracts have collapsed no cameras at games then Sevco get penalties given for tackles on the half way line😂😂😂
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    Anyone else think that Sunday is a game for Burke and Weah to start

    I would play Burke wide left cos Sinclair is woefully out of form.
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    The Rangers v 8IAR Champions, Celtic - Sunday 12 May - all comments here

    Deffo play a strongish team pump them and they’ve got the whole summer to go into meltdown
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    Liverpool 4 nil v Barcelona Wow

    Barca pure shat it had enough chances to win 2 games
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    Guard of Honour at Ipox?

    Heard that last night wat a prick “We hold ourselves in higher regard than other teams”aye rite ya clown.
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    The danger of injury before the cup final

    Them and there weehun cousins will b out to do all sorts of damage to our players before the final.
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    Never happen
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    He’s an arrogant ego maniac with his head up his own arse. He’s handed a script fae jabba the hut and follows it anything to keep the deluded on side . The guys a f****n buffoon
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    Sectarian singing ??

    Deffo need to stop playin into the Sevco luvin media’s hand.
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    Provan is guy who the only reason he’s in a job is cause he played for Celtic but he’s put the boot into us since the day he started. A bitter foamin at the mouth hater pandering to peepul which he is deffo one of.