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  1. JFanCelt

    Lennon ??

    NL says ?? That Celtic are still seeking new players, Then he says the Squad needs Trimming. He has lost 8 players since the end of the season, including one of the best young defenders to a German club. Splashed a fair bit cash on big Chris, will Celtic honestly spend anymore money?? Can’t...
  2. JFanCelt

    Players In??

    You can’t live in the Past. It’s gone now! You have to look at and be prepared for the future.
  3. JFanCelt

    Players In??

    Grow Up and face the facts!
  4. JFanCelt

    Players In??

    Why are players not wanting to sign for Celtic? After Umpteen Rumours and Umpteen players mentioned we are no further forward! Do those being chased actually Know the Manager? Or is it the Scottish game? Surely a club like Celtic could outbid any other clubs, with the exception of the English...
  5. JFanCelt

    Big Game v Sarajevo

    What are we like?? Two more players pick up injuries in training sessions and before a big game?? What is going on??
  6. JFanCelt

    Transfer Market

    Sorry to hear the information about Turnbull. Understand why the club has not given out any details. However a lot of misguided talk regarding possible players coming in? It looks like the Manager selection is working against the Club as players mentioned, don’t seem interested. It’s ok saying...
  7. JFanCelt

    It’s not Nick?????

    It’s Phillip Hammond he is Deputy PM and now he will be Deputy Scout on Loan.......
  8. JFanCelt

    More players out than in!

    All the gossip about working behind the scenes to attract new players?? It’s all nonsense! Celtic are reducing their wage bill with even the best young players being allowed to leave. We can’t attract the better type of players and will honestly approach the ECL fixtures with no additions. Sorry...
  9. JFanCelt


    Well done Celtic FC. Turnbull rejected.
  10. JFanCelt

    The new manager will be...

    Wrong! David Moyes is already in post!
  11. JFanCelt

    Sean Dyche

    The Deal is Done! A Scottish Manager put in place by Dermot......
  12. JFanCelt

    who's fur Lenny and who's furra moonbeam

    The fact that the media are now throwing up Boas is only a front for cover....
  13. JFanCelt

    who's fur Lenny and who's furra moonbeam

    Once again, my apologies, however, the Deal is Done!
  14. JFanCelt

    David Moyes

    The Deal is Done!
  15. JFanCelt

    who's fur Lenny and who's furra moonbeam

    The Deal is done and dusted!
  16. JFanCelt

    who's fur Lenny and who's furra moonbeam

    It’s DM’s job! Honest...
  17. JFanCelt

    who's fur Lenny and who's furra moonbeam

    Sorry Bhoys and Ghirls but the managers Deal is done and dusted and was so a number of weeks back! Just two points to ponder? If NL is given the managers job then the board will again limit his spend and at a time when dramatic change is needed on the player front that could be bad news. When DM...
  18. JFanCelt

    Lennon manager

    The Deal is done!
  19. JFanCelt

    Lennon manager

    No it’s not Clarke!
  20. JFanCelt

    Lennon manager

    The Deal is ✅ Done! The Celtic Board is attempting to keep things quiet. It’s a Scotsman’s job let that be the clue! Dermot and Peter??