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  1. Maestro

    Bad news as Dave reaches out to anyone and everyone. The club for all.

    So he should be! How differently we are from the big forehead klanbase, when our club was threatened we organised ourselves in our 10s of 1000s to right the wrong that was murdering OUR club! Huns? Sit on their manky shit-stained arses while gobbling Tinlegs moonbeams waiting on somebody else...
  2. Maestro

    Do they know it's repo time at all?

    Tramp the dirt doon n curl a turd on top of it!!! πŸ€
  3. Maestro


    It's a shame about Ntcham, has the talent but has the same problem as a lot of Frenchman, an insane sense of self importance! First time I saw him play I was excited... Β£4mill for a young guy who can spray passes about with grace? Excellent!!! It appears he's gonna do what everyone else does...
  4. Maestro

    Champions League Draw - Celtic v FK Sarajevo

    Comfortable game n really glad to get it out the way. The whole midfield were solid Christie n McGregor were good. The new bhoy Boli looks lively n even Bitton strolled it. Onwards to Estonia, # We're on the one road... # πŸ€
  5. Maestro

    Champions League Draw - Celtic v FK Sarajevo

    Jamsie n Morgan to tear em a new wan! Really is a kick in the balls or a kick in the arse for Ralston tho Don't like Bitton in defense but hopefully he keeps it simple 3-0 to the Treble TreblersπŸ€
  6. Maestro

    Who was/are the Huns you most detest and why?

    Always hated super salary, the fattest inbred gardener in the hunnery. Was a very good poacher who would always score against us then, when he retired, was never off the telly smarmy smiling bastirt. Couldn't get rid of him... ...thankfully his wife done what we couldn't, destroyed his...
  7. Maestro

    Celtic player you wish you'd seen wearing the Hoops

    Would have loved to have seen Bobby Lennox zipping up the wing. You can't really appreciate the sheer speed and beautiful control from the telly.
  8. Maestro

    Worst Celtic signing ever

    Martin Hayes... just WHY?!?
  9. Maestro

    Champions League Draw - Celtic v FK Sarajevo

    Expecting a hard game tonite, possibly going a goal down before we settle. 2-1 to the historic Treble Treble Champions πŸ† We're on the one road and it starts now! HH πŸ€
  10. Maestro

    Don't Ever Think We Aren't Winning The War

    I am overjoyed at the death of the racist Huns, even more happy that they sat on their fat unwashed manky arses n did nothing but watch as their club went tits up! I want the zombie outfit gone, completely n utterly, don't even want to see a plaque there when I'm doing me shopping at ibrox Tesco...
  11. Maestro

    The Mighty Swede

    Would love to have big Johan back, no one would be daft enuf to mess with him. What's Morten Wieghorst upto these days?
  12. Maestro

    John Keane

    Saviour of Celtic πŸ€ We all owe John Keane and others our deepest thanks n respect for the bravery and convictions of their hard work Get yer feet up, John, n enjoy watching our Celtic gubbing all before us GBTC πŸ€
  13. Maestro

    Au revoir - Pusillanimous Ntcham Wants Away

    I'm a big fan of Ntcham, he is a tremendous player with a great pass. Anyone who doesn't want to play for Celtic are free to leave asap Why did he sign the contract extension if he was so unhappy n pining for Porto? Unfortunately, I think he just wiped off Β£5mill the fee we're going to get...
  14. Maestro

    Celtic Count the Cost of Success

    Appreciate your work n yer site is quality, Keep up the good work CBN πŸ€ The piece on Boli is fantastic information. Read he had some injury problems in his teens n his crossing is certainly not Tosh McKinley standard.
  15. Maestro

    Celtic team for tonight ...

    Lenny been floating Jamsie more central so he be behind Eddy n The Ukrainian Player of the Year on the right lol Was Christie playing this morning?
  16. Maestro

    CL Qualifiers - pricing fans out of the game .

    Exactly right, It does seem to be a massive kick in the balls paying for pre-season tickets. Remember getting fleeced paying Β£25 a ticket for a match v Bray Wanderers in Barnes first match, completely being used as a money maker. At least Tommy Johnston had the decency to smash Barnsey in the...
  17. Maestro

    Celts on Tour thread

    Ref was pretty bad against Pinky as well, can see this sporty sossies are a step up from them but seem a bit disjointed in this 1st half. I'm actually loving the long balls up to Eddy lol
  18. Maestro

    The Rat Returns for CalMac?

    LEICESTER!!!??!!! FUCKIN' LEICESTER!!!!??!!! Bayjebus!!! HH πŸ€
  19. Maestro

    What do you all think of the Royal Family?

    This thread's a set up! This must be what grooming feels like 😁 FTQ
  20. Maestro

    Celts on Tour thread

    Mikey getting done there! At least 2yds onside Wee Mikey has been sheer class, wee demblele's feet has an incredible touch in them... makes me think we're witnessing something historic πŸ™Œ