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  1. The Shamrock

    De Foes wagesk

    So the gullibillies know where their Universal Credit is going now. All good then. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸπŸπŸ
  2. The Shamrock

    1990 - 1995

    He was never away from the dancin, Maria but I don't think he liked dancing. ;)
  3. The Shamrock

    Defensive 3rd Possession

    Β£60k a week, cough up your PIP gullibillies. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  4. The Shamrock

    De Foes wagesk

    I can tell you for nothing whose pocket it WON'T be coming out of. :LOL:
  5. The Shamrock

    The Larsson Benchmark

    No one compares to the King of Kings!!!! :eek:
  6. The Shamrock

    De Foes wagesk

    I read that sevco were only paying a small percentage of Defoe's wage but that Eddie Howe was just glad to get even a little off his wages bill for a while. A loan was as good as it got for Eddie as he wasn't able to punt him on.
  7. The Shamrock

    I'd love to get sevco in the next round

    You mean the huns never got drawn v the Talbot? Someone better have his excuses ready for the ludge.
  8. The Shamrock


    Brill. You've excelled yourself, Sandman. :)
  9. The Shamrock

    Tell Me Something Funny

    When I was in my teens I worked in a shop that sold hardware and fancy goods. One day I saw another member of staff, Lily, wrap up and box a dinner set that had been on the shelves for eons as it was really old-fashioned and ugly. I congratulated Lily on managing to sell the monstrosity and...
  10. The Shamrock


    They don't like the truth, do they?
  11. The Shamrock

    Davie Provan Rangers will take another liquidation to stop ten in a row

    I don't think the thought of admin would please big Mike Ashley especially if he sues and wins a pile of damages. He's one man who will be keeping an eye on what the blue room are up to.
  12. The Shamrock

    Davie Provan Rangers will take another liquidation to stop ten in a row

    It would be sad for decent folk to lose what's owed to them if admin occurs but let's be honest, why would any business trust that lot of thieving, cheating, lying scum of a board again and again and again? At some point suppliers will have to waken up and smell the coffee and take...
  13. The Shamrock

    Bain or Gordon?

    Craig provides more than his fair share of scary moments but I'd like to see Bain being given a decent run of games to see how he handles the pressure.
  14. The Shamrock

    Davie Provan Rangers will take another liquidation to stop ten in a row

    If old boss-eyes is putting all his eggs into this season's basket and we win, there will only be one outcome for the club currently running on pockled cash and fumes.
  15. The Shamrock


    Boydchenko wears roadkill on his napper and should shut his trap.
  16. The Shamrock

    Willie Henderson

    Jinky and Willie were cut from the same cloth but Jinky was the better player.
  17. The Shamrock

    Ollie Burke

    Can we not just give all the newbies a chance to settle in before we start slagging them off. There will be plenty of time to critique their performances as the season goes on. :rolleyes:
  18. The Shamrock

    Celtic v Airdrie

    Or just a half decent team and the 'correct' referee.
  19. The Shamrock

    Celtic v Airdrie

    I saw the first half and it looked quite shabby as Celtic just didn't seem to have the guile to get beyond the bus but glad to see it all turned out well in the end and that Tim scored on his debut, long may it continue.
  20. The Shamrock

    Celtic v Airdrie

    Mibbe it's too cauld here.