‘Thanks 4 Giving Celtic 2 Me’ –American Blogger, Larry Cafiero


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Quick correction: The URL for my site does not have an "s" in the address. If you put in the "s" in https:// it sometimes comes up as an "unsafe site." I am working on it, but in the meantime, if you just go to the blog using the normal address, it should be OK. This is the main page, and from there you can click on each blog post by title.

But thanks to everyone for the kind words. Incidentally, there's no Rennes gamer on the blog because I was answering the questions for the article, and it's really my fault that the "deadline" was missed.

We want an interview with MD now.
Yes, Michael should be next :LOL:

Keep on frightening the neighbours, Larry. 😂 😂 😂
I don't have to cheer on Celtic to do that :LOL:

Shit! Sorry Larry. I just didni want to start a thread to ask!
No problem, Lemon -- it's an important topic. I don't mind sharing. :)

And Larry has already been sorted out with tickets for Paradise courtesy of a very generous Celtic Noise reader.
Whoa! Thanks, Cap! 😲

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