100 Days To Go.


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They say the first 100 days of a government are the most important.
Today is a milestone for me. It marks the last 100 days of Peter Lawell's tenure as Celtic CEO. Tomorrow, it will be in double digits. Roll on to Zero.


The sooner the better.....Capitulation is the name of the game with our custodians...


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100 days Pod that will tell us were we are headed...every story that comes out of Celtic just now is treated with negativity whether there are positive tones in there or not. They are buried and every opportunity to create a new negative is gleefully picked up by the hun hoardes.
This time last year we had the MSM and zombie nation where we wanted them and had given them more anxiety and mental health issues than any virus could as they feared the holy grail of the ten. The collapse this year is down to many and all things will not just simply change with the removal of Peter Lawell as his allies and influence still remain in the corridors of power. The allowance of the zombies coming back from the dead is certainly something that should haunt him forever more as he looks on and reflects but wouldn't hold my breath.
I suspect this will take more than just his tenure coming to an end for us to go forward and regain our dominance ....but it's a start . I for one am looking forward to our new journey and getting back on the road again with hopefully the new CEO leading the change and charge.


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I was watching Celtic State of Mind yesterday and they had a guest on who has written books on Celtic for example ‘In the Heat of Lisbon’. His name escapes me atm but anyway he was on to talk about all the proceeds from his book going to The Celtic Foundation.

He told the story that last week the phone goes and the person asked if it was John and he replied yes and the voice then said ‘it’s Dominic McKay here’. And he was thanking John for what he had done with his book.
This story warmed my heart and gives me hope that this new guy is going to be very different from PL so hope on the horizon at last.
Sorry forgot John’s second name.

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