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Aberfan too young to remember it at 2 but always remember my Grunda ( a name he didn’t like we called him Alec) helping in the Local Miners Welfare with parcels for those poor families. The Miners of The whole UK and the Trade Union movement were fantastic in the help that they gave.
And the fight they put up for the change in Slag heaps that were in mining area to be properly built.
Always Remember those wee Kids every Year or Anniversary.
My Alec made sure I did and for that I am Eternally Grateful
Well said Kelly

HH 🙏


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left primary and the sadistic nuns ,on to high school and the brutal teachers

summer of 65 miss james showed me her ✋🥴🥴🤚,,,,,,suppose i was due some comfort :cool:
Hoi thicko yi spell Miss MR just sayin and yon lovely Nuns we’re angel’s till you arrived.

HH 😉

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