100 Days To Go.


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cold walks to school(misery)

all folk do is shout

why you late

where you goin

why you goin that way

walk don't run

did you pee in the sand pit

am tired ,won't even let me sleep in class

learned nothing and got homework fkn slave drivers

christmas 63 school brings in santa and his baby elephant ,no wonder my heads now fkd up ,santa had reindeer , not a baby feckin elephant

50 Shades of Green

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63 we moved out of our room and kitchen with the toilet on the landing in Caledonian Road along to pollockshaws Rd new build with an indoor toilet, snobs we wur.

The other JFK got shot in Dallas by a whole load of people CIA, Mafia, Russians, and Lee Harvey Oswald got the blame.


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From tomorrow 60, every gate, every door, every window, every sewer pipe at Celtic Park, should be locked against the parasite, that is Peter Lawell. How this limited ability, penny pinching ( except when it comes to his own salary ) accountant has been allowed to dictate the future of Celtic, for so long, is an absolute disgrace.


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60. And the disgrace that is Peter Lawell is now being touted by Tom English, as a transfer consultant guru for Celtic. What a joke. We all know how pathetic his transfer record is. I see it as a desperate attempt by Lawell to hang on, in some capacity, and have a relevance around Celtic Park. If so, using Tom English as a kite flyer is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Has he no shame whatsoever? It is just another in a long line of insults by Lawell, to the Celtic support.
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