1st day as a teacher!!!


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Well it begins!! My bosses contacted me last night. I've not to go back to work until it's safe to work in London. So this morning I woke up as a teacher to my 9 and 5 year old daughters 😱😱😱
Starting today with a nice wee walk to wake them up,. We are spotting rainbows that children have been painting and putting on their windows in a show of solidarity to all the other kids. Then it will be home to do some maths. Then a walk along the river to do a bit of english work (following the rules of social distancing ofcourse!!!)......what a time to be alive!! 🤪

Good luck to all the parents out there who are starting their new jobs as teachers today 💚
I'd be a fantastic teacher. Lesson 1, History, lesson 2, History, lesson 3, History. Then the exam. Q, And if you know your History, ,,,,. What comes next?


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Taught kids how to play the guitar when ah wiz in Ireland,it wiz great later, walkin intae a boozers and some of them were the band!🎼🍺
I had a similar experience with our youth, I taught them how to fight.
When I walked into the local boozer, my students are now 6 ft bouncers on the door & refused me entry. Said I taught the local youth bad habits.

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