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Concerning your concerns Michael, please dont concern yourself with concerns, concering the ten,my concern is the concerning mib and the lack of concern they have about our bhoys welfare on the pitch not to mention my concerns about the sfa,
concerning their stance on our concerns about res 12 et al, trt not too be too concerned pal(y)


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I’m concerned 😦 that MD has just fallen asleep cause auld folks dae that he’s Mibbies walking the streets trying to find that missing dug or just lost in a Stella infused coma.
but Mibs he’s just Sober and he’s got the dts
And even his knuckles canni type

HH 😱😂
Ok who's gonna phone the polis?
Missing person, looks a lot like Father Jack, has been known to swear, possibly pissed but far more dangerous when sober. Only approach if you have a can of Stella on offer otherwise could be dangerous...! 😹