A memory from Milan 1970...

Frank Owen

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I was sitting at a kind of pavement cafe, was on my todd as my mate was sleeping off the exertions of the previous night. Just havin' a coffee watching the supporters of both clubs mixing and generally enjoying themselves in what was a very special, and rare, occasion for both sets of fans.

Anyway, I caught a glimpse of a rather stunning young lady walking towards me; she asked if it would be ok to have seat and talk about the game. I mean, what does a wee gallus Govanite do in such circumstances?
First thing I noticed was her perfect use of the English language...but with a Scottish accent.

She was wearing a Fiorentina top...and a Celtic scarf. Turned out her mother was Scottish. She took great pride in telling me she was able to attend Alfredo Di Stefano's testimonial while visiting her Scottish grandfather who was some kind of lecturer living in Spain. We agreed to meet at the same spot after the game in the hope of celebrating a famous victory...you know the rest.....( No, NOT that ! )

As it happens, I still have a kind of Fiorentina flag/ banner she gave me; it's somewhere amongst my Celtic memorabilia. It's not just "from every street is Glasgow" they make their way. What is it they say about nostalgia? a thing of the past ? Aye, but priceless nonetheless.

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