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This legend status is thrown around to freely these days imo.
To gain real legend status means a total respect for all they have given to the club.
Not a time for me to use such a term for NFL atm but that may change in time when the damage he has helped to create gets repaired, but he will be waiting a long if he continues to slate the supporters, from me anyway
You and I and all of us know that he was answering loaded questions. I agree with you that and mancbhoy that real legends command respect. As time goes by I've no doubt that he will be that guy. Right now were all still hurting from the *pandemic season* and Celtic I believe suffered like quite a few other clubs more than others. PSG losing the title to lille , Juventus losing it to inter Celtic to the rangers Barcelona and real Madrid losing out to Atletico. I dont think those things would necessarily have happened had there been supporters in the stadiums. Had the rangers been playing in front of supporters the pressure on them wouldve been immense and I'm not convinced they would have coped. We have just witnessed a st johnstone double , A ST JOHNSTONE DOUBLE?? That was great and took the sheen off the rangers title win Davidson shouldve been manager of the year for that's a truly historic achievement these awards are dished out too early. I remember either lenny or ronny doing the double but the manager of the year went to someone like the Dundee manager in a division beneath , ridiculous. Another anomaly in the world of football , Leicester winning their first FA Cup. I cannot agree and never will with new member Matt I think who compared Lennon to a hun that's pathetic and offensive in my eyes and so far below the belt. NFL is no hun and to suggest that is beyond comprehension
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