A sevco hack asks Lennon if Celtic are in an arms race with Sevco. What Lenny should have replied.


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Union Jack is a major leader of the deluded hacks. Trying to recreate a reality that doesn’t exist. If the tables were turned and his team where in our position does anybody really think he would talk us up for being shite and bringing in useless cunts who they talk up to be world beaters? The fall when their fantasy lies in ruins is coming.

Unlike The Rangers.


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Lenny's response should have been:

'Well aye, if you think an arms race consists of one side having a squadron of helicopter gunships and the other side having sticks with dug shite on the ends' :LOL:

Seriously Celtic should just start trolling the fuck out of these journo's......if they ask ridiculous questions they get ridiculous answers.


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Just home from Lanzarote in the early hours.
We found an Irish bar and our teenage grandson decided to go in and
ask if they were showing the match.
It turns out it is owned by an Irish female.
Her reply to his question was " Are you ficking daft son what makes you think we would miss such an important match such as that"
He was laughing his head off when he came out it was so unexpected.
Just catching up with what is happening ,see nothing has changed
regarding the H hacks then.


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Poor new Rangers, trawling about for out of contract players, loan players that none of the diddie teans in England want, so they come tae Scotlands diddie team.

Also spending £3-4mill on a player nae cvnts heard of. Canny be that great a player because, at that price if he was going tae World class, would be the bargain of the decade. So I presume he's pish or overrated.