A transfer, clickbait, football news of any kind & in general just whats on your mind thread

By the way i'm off, the site has been taken over by bloggers promoting their own shit for clicks.
Take a bit of time out, Brim. I think you have a point in what you say though. However, The Noise is far and away the number one stop for Celtic supporters to chew the fat. The reason for that is the terrific contribution from Bhoys and Ghirls like your good self.
Lambert Celtic manager today, has just started the second half as a Dortmund player 😂😂😂
On my way back from Düsseldorf 50 The coach from Dortmund sat next to me and the wife.The team was all around us on the plane.The plane was coming into Edinburgh and I switched on my phone.The final score came through and I yelled ya beauty.The coach asked me what it was I showed him my phone and he fist bumped me.He said he loved how Celtic played and was looking forward to playing at Celtic Park.The whole lot of them were gentlemen.The coach even got my case down.HH💚☘️

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