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Persnally I think its a shame Brendon has boxed himself into a corner in this way. He was fantastic for us at the time. He sullied his copy book with us the way he left, an for some, it was unforgivable. I get that. However, he gave us some fantastic results while he was with us.
He showed his ultimate aim was the EPL and will no doubt have made a lot of money, up to him.
Ange is made of sterner stuff an could probably have his pick of jobs with his style of football and media management. His work is not finished with us in my opinion. He has been backed by the new CEO, however, our league has its limits, after this season, he may seek further challenges.
But lets enjoy the ride.


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Yea mate cheers, I've a wee trip back to the hospital on Thursday to discuss my results and what could be causing the problem, irregular heart beat at the moment. So I'm hopeful nothing much else really.

Cheers for asking Brim.

Drove a cab ma sell for years, had enough during covid and after. So i know what its like, never say never still got ma badge, loved being ma own boss but the public are a bunch of cunts. Glad you're ok pal.🫶