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Impressive it must be said, the numbers on display.
The huge overhaul of the squad Ange inherited, the incredible numbers of quality players in the door to have hit the ground running is nothing short of sensational.
Very few have joined and not been instantly successful for Celtic.

Ideguchi, ironically the player who came ( from Japan) with (allegedly) the biggest reputation of the 4 has been one, though that shocking injury/assault played it's part most definitely.
McCarthy has been another , though again , as a sub hes been decent enough but reliable as a starter not so much.

Also impressive has been the clearing out of the deadwood and wantaways, some very decent players have left but they have left at the right time.

It could be argued that we left it late and missed the prime selling opportunity for the likes of Edouard and Ajer, Christie etc but we surely cannot be disappointed with the return of income the club made for these players at the same time.

All and all this makes for healthy reading regarding Celtic.

The Ange/Nicholson axis certainly appears to be working.....for the first time in as long as I can recall there's a plan in place.....I just hope Dermot doesn't feck everything up and appoint Peter Lawwell as the new chairman...


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The Ange/Nicholson axis certainly appears to be working.....for the first time in as long as I can recall there's a plan in place.....I just hope Dermot doesn't feck everything up and appoint Peter Lawwell as the new chairman...
It is the ' fear' we all have imatim, 100%
Mostly because of the fact that Bankier is known to be leaving.
Must say though for DD to do that especially when we are in a good place despite the shock defeat to St. Mirren.
Would be seen as a backwards step regardless of his credentials.
PL cannot be making the public apologies he did and then leaving only to then return when the grass is greener.
It wouldnt go down well thats a cert.
Its taken a bit of shuffling around and the current set up is working.

PL to come back as chairman would be seen as a huge own goal and would put a big dent in the new found confidence the the board are enjoying from the support, to risk that for a pals act would be crazy.

Young blood, with a fresh outlook must surely be the way to go.
There must be dozens of suitable candidates out there , PL returning would be akin to lenny returning and a total boot in the baws to us.


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Reading about young Hickey turning down Bayern Munich to go to Bologna as Munich couldnt guarantee 1st team football but italians were offering it.

I totally understand why he did this , bayern champions league holders at the time.
Still it either says he wasnt confident enough in his own abilities to break through there or it was a really shrewd move from him and his agent to chose a better career path.
A path that's worked out well for him

Thought he did well replacing Patterson early doors last night.

Brentford fullback Hickey admits turning down Celtic, Bayern Munich via @OneFootball. Read it here:



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As a young player, it's good to see he's willing to forego the bright lights, in order to get playing time, rather than sit on his arse and take a wage
Yes, it's great to be a part of a team like Bayern or Celtic, but if you're a player, you want to play, and showcase your talents, something he'll get more of at Brentford
Good luck to the boy, and who knows, he might end up in the hoops at some point in the future


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Why people continue to tug their forelock for these bastards is beyond me
The Royal family, friends of Savile and Epstein
Pays 12 million quid, to a young girl (he's never met) for (something that didn't happen)
They're a bunch of inbred, elitist, bastards
Abolish the Monarchy, and get rid of Westminster, and guys like top hatted, Rees Mogg, fucking bools in the mooth, monobrowed, stick insect, and let the rest of humanity, get on with it
That is all
Have a very pleasant weekend


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I've researched some of family history and found out that we originated in County Sligo
Know who else is from County Sligo...none other than Brother Walfrid
This website is a great resource for checking into Irish family history and beginnings
The poet WB Yeats comes from there, also Bram Stoker's mother (her son wrote Dracula)
I intend getting over to check the place out at some point


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Anybody watch This England, about Borises time in office played by Kenneth Branagh? It's brilliant an KB has got him down to a tee. The guy that plays Matt Hancock too. The way they covered up the amount of infections though is shocking. Wortha watch.
No yet BB definitely will watch it


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Have just seen the champions league highlights heres ma report 😛

Bayern 5- 0 V Plzen

-Bayern looking mighty impressive against the Czechs or is it the Czechies noo? Must get ma pronouns right.
Built another brilliant team on the back of Lewandowski leaving, Sane and Mane outstanding players, dismantled Plzen, could say its expected 5-1, 0-2, 5-0 defeats for Plzen only rangers look as in over their heads as Plzen.

Inter 1 - 0 Barcelona

- Looked pretty slick on the ball Inter , just as well with 28.4% possession, Barcelona goal disallowed by VAR, loadsa huff nae puff.
Keep telling them gotta take yer cha....

Marseille 4 - 1 Sporting Lisbon

- Possibly the worst 90 minute implosion yer likely to see for years.
Sporting score after 50 seconds and look like normal CL service has resumed having already beaten spurs 2-0 & Frankfurt 3-0
Then the goalie has one of those disaster nights only a goalie can have.
Keeper Adnan smashes clearance aff Sanchez (man utd/arsenal wan) goes into the net, then keeper Adnan gives ball away again 2-0, then keeper Adnan gets himself sent off, then replacement keeper for Adnan first task is to pick the ball out the net , then Marseille defender goes aw Maradona beating defenders like lustig in a Glasgow derby and scores.
This was really Sporting beating themselves 4-1 best display against self I've seen for ages.

Eintracht Frankfurt 0 - 0 Spurs

- A game of two halfs? That's whit they say. 1st half hunners of chances , 2nd half hunners of chances. 12-11 chances but only 2 shots on target each .
Piss poor game another poor day for spurs.

Liverpool 2 - 2 Glasgow Old Firm

- outstanding intricate passing from liverpool first half as they tried to walk it in the net. Their ' rubbish' player Alexander Arnold scores peach free kick from outside the box. Liverpool continue to try and walk it in despite scoring from distance, but " against a goalkeeper with the class of McGregor " (sick bag 🤮
Soup takers ) he made some really good saves tbf many straight at him.
The difference between 5-0 and 2-0 and liverpool's inability to "take your chan..."
Leon King ( that mainstay rangers starter) forgot there were no scottish mibs and was punished, Salah beats McGregor from resulting penalty 2-0 " have to feel sorry for McGregor his performance been outsta....🤮
Mornings front pages " liverpool fans boo the national anthem!" Whit? Naw ye say?
Morelos, Davies,King, Sakala, Matondo all get some of their first minutes of this season, giving the hint GVB has all but given up on the champions league or EL progression after 4-0, 0-3, 0-2 defeats Plzen style. Rainjurs happy to take the money and run, next up , oh liverpool.
" it'll be a different story in Glasgow " 🤮
Where you at the game caller ?

Ajax 1 - 6 Napoli

- Ajax storm into early lead but swept away by outstanding display from Italians who were 3-1 up at HT and just to add insult Youri Baas comes on as Ajax substitute at 6-1 down.
Ajax taken to the cleaners 🏃‍♀️🧥

Brugge 2 - 0 Atletico Madrid

- Always brilliant to see the wee teams put the freeloading 3rd/4th place / shouldnt be in the tourney teams oan their arse. Following on from 4-0 (a) V Porto and 1-0 (h) V Leverkusen, 3 games 9pts fantastic.
Alvaro Moratta reminds everyone just how shoite he can be missing good chances. 2-0 up Brugge begin to fall victim to Atleti's shithousery tactics playing for a penalty which they got then Geizzman hit the bar , justice served.
Then moments later Griezmann has the ball in the net but VAR rules say offside.
Nae luck Atleti , couldnae happen to a better team .

Porto 2 - 0 Bayer Leverkusen

- Madness in this game VAR working overtime so as no cnut knows wtf is going on?
Hudson-Odoi scores for Leverkusen and...no he doesnt VAR overturns the goal, foul in the build up, sit doon!
GOAL ! For Porto they take the lead and...no they dont the goal is overturned by VAR - sit doon!
Not only does VAR overturn the Porto goal but spies a penalty Hawkeye would be proud of in the build up against them , penalty to Leverkusen- fans cheer!
Patrick Schick of David Marshall's nightmares steps up cool as you like and the keeper saves the penalty- sit doon!
Still 0-0 efter aw that standing - cheering- sitting doon.
20 minutes left GOAL Porto...is it? Aw check with VAR first tae see , dont want tae cheer another goal like some clown 🤡 just for VAR to say sit doon!
But naw but aye this time it's a goal 1-0 Porto staun up!
4 minutes left Porto scores a 2nd , nobody moves an inch , aw wide for this VAR character and his nasty wee jokes .
Good goal Porto 2-0 but naebody really knows whit tae think so instead of cheering the goal everybody decides its safer tae just - sit doon! Is 2-0 but.
88th minute and our former ping-pong is found guilty of fouling Pepe...hmm Pepe?
Did he really or was this Pepe being Pepe?
Cameras couldnae care less after all the VAR-ry oan and highlights disnae even show the sending aff as Pepe chuckles his evil laugh , hes evil, Pepe.

And that is todays fitba news fae last night.
Go away no.....oh nearly got sued for breach of copyright .
Sorry Sandman wont happen again .

{ Cue Champions league music and fade to end like old LP's did }
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