A Wee bit of Music Nostalgia ..Post it here


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Never watched it yet mate.....Everytime something 'NEW' comes out aboot the The Beatles....I watch it....but.... seen it all before .......They say this new one has lots of never seen before footage....Canny wait.....Don't Let Me Down........;)
Yip it’s looking like nearly 10 hours of footage from the rehearsals for the album let it be
My dad spoiled it
Says they split up 😉


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Was gonny say too soon mate, then I listened to it again, fucking wonderful song, absolutely flawless, my high-school girlfriend bought me the single (on vinyl kittens) back in the late 80's.

Found out an old mate of mine passed away today, I'm not sad about it because he lived a great life and had a family who adored him almost as much as he adored them, but if you have a drink in hand I'd appreciate it if you raise it to Topher from South Wales, one of the best men I've ever met. Thanks for the memories, the friendship and the shed parties Toph! 🍻

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