A Wee bit of Music Nostalgia ..Post it here

Bridie Bhoy

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Absolutely love the Foo's man and Mike Ashley's looking Great in that video...must been paid..😉😂.
Yip, Ashley lost a lot of weight since he reluctantly sold Newcastle to the Arabs despite promising his worshipping Geordies that he was never gonna give them up. I believe he gives himself a staff discount at the Sports Direct shop so he can get himself some half decent tight-fitting lycra sportswear gear. I hear he has also come into a few £m in the last week so mayve he can afford a personal trainer and a voice coach!
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Magnificent 7

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i watched him show off his guitar skills online

i also worked one of his concerts years ago and didnt realise how many big hits he had in 80s knew tunes didnt know he made em
Massive star Tet ....part of my younger years enjoying soul music and followed him among others since..👍🎵

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