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as times went on i've got much more eclectic, maybe it was that electric soup shite a i got the spelling mixed up.
i was born in 77 so kinda grew up in the 80's so fucking hated the music as it looked to me like everybody was dressing like boy george, you had bowie and jagger strolling about in dressing gowns etc
So my early years turned me off anyone (well not everyone anyone, :mad:) that breathed in that time
but as times passed and the with birth of the wee yins, my ears opened up at the same time as my wallet.
were the 80's rated/enjoyed by those that lived the 60's and 70's
oh and the 40/'s/50's in DILL's case ?

My dad was a proper hippy, spent every penny on hand made suits and quote mother
'he had hair that all the birds could only dream of. He thought he was Marc Bolan and in this toon he was mair popular than him'
I had an interesting experience at a funeral in laters years.
My lifelong pal's dad appeared back in town for his brothers funeral
My pal didn't like him one bit cos he fucked off forever when he ws young but he was a man of substance lets say, a top man in town
The tales people would tell about him, 'Wan puch' they called him, 'cunt was never in a fight in his life, he was 3 ft 2' and a gentleman but anybody gave oot gip, he'd floor them with a dig, lights out, cunt could have floored beat Foreman/Frasier and Ali in the same round'

So my pals says do me a favour, canni go him, but hes asked and hes my old boy, can you take him down some smoke to X, i'm like 'wow i get to meet him, aye no bother at all'
Gets there and he's 'who are you, where you from, who is your mam and dad', ]
i've been his sons pal for over 25 years and he doesnt know, enough said on that

So meeting the legend of many a tale, i pipes up, such and such, he stops stone dead, repeats my dads name, 'is that really your dad, i remember when i was young, i wanted to be your dad, he was the coolest guy in town and the birds fucking loved him, me and my pals used to try to talk to him, and he was dead nice. do me a favour and tell him i was asking for him, will you, please'

Now being the spawn of the same man, an absolute gentleman, it was one of those moments,

Life is funny that way, one minute the man you think is THE man turns it full circle on you and the man you didn't think was the man is really THE fucking man and he's been right there the whole time. I grew up a lot that night

You can tell i'm drunk and reminiscing cos i've nae cunt to talk to

(y) The mysteries of life.

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