Aberdeen v Celtic - Match Thread


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is it another coincidence that after European match celtic away at 12

sevco home at 3

seems to be a very lucky run picked at random by computer oh and when were away its always top 6 side from previous season and yep sevco usually have a last seasons bottom 6 at home at a normal match day time.

And when we play our semi finals it's always the day after the other semi and on a Sunday 🤔

Lubos left peg

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what does ntcham have to do to be dropped 😂. Has anyone seen the movie TED?? It reminds me of a few scenes where Ted doesn't want a job, so spends the interview insulting the boss...it backfires and the boss likes how forward he is so gives him the job....he then wants fired so goes into the bosses office and insults him more....walks out with a promotion 😂😂 bit like ntcham...the shiter he plays the more games he gets...he'll probably be wearing the captians armband today!!!

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