After rejected Celtic’s ‘Magnificent’ offer, do you want Turnbull signed?


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Just added it up there.
Ajer Sim DB KT
JF Ntcham Tam Calmac
Eddie Griff
The site has the lot of them on for £32.54m
(edit - missed out christie on there for a snip at 1.3m as well!)
I fully agree that those players playing regularly and well means they come with a premium for clubs who can afford better terms for these players.

But fundamentally before the premium for loss incurred by losing these players is felt then their prices in our market are not that far from realistic

The premium on top is missing but the fundamentals from their wage their history and their recent game time for Scottish market gives them a fundamental value.

Thats why adding value is so very difficult. Because the best players come with a premium for their current market.

their new market may automatically reduce their price by huge amount.

Which means the premium paid on top of fundamental value is instantly wealth destroyed, and even worse if they don't get regular game time.

Its another reason why the top tier market which is subsidised is rigged.

All those subsidisations means to purchase from that market means you usually pay way over the odds both on premium on top of fundamental prices but also on their excessive wages that will no longer be subsidised by sky.

Hence the reason all clubs in scotland must pick up second hand bargains or risk business meltdown without subsidisation.

The subsidisation of certain leagues destroys value in every other league, and creates a massive barrier to competition outwit subsidised leagues.

the inflated market prices only make sense if your subsidised

if your not you must find value or go bust, slowly at first but 1 bad value player bought at premium like tore Andre Flo with have repercussions right through the club for years.

but the money men at subsidy know this,

it creates a flawed market system that allows agents and brokers and scammers to make billions at expense of the real football clubs who are not subsidised.

Its a WATP style gerrymandered market

Except Sevco don't appear to have been invited.

then again maybe thats where the cloaked funding comes, to keep the secret unrevealed.


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Aw jeez, here I go again.........

For at least 98% of the population, a salary of £10,000 p/w is an unattainable pipe dream.

This in a country where there is still abject poverty, slum dwellings and where foodbanks and charity remain a viable source of nutrition and finance for a growing number of people.

I don't want to hammer footballers, but there is a fair amount of cognitive dissonance regarding their circumstances. I have to balance the argument because there is something obscene about non-playing members of staff picking up sizable bonus checks; however - it is difficult to find sympathy for someone who has to ply their trade for only 10 grand per week.

In the article featured on The Celtic Star, the example of Stuart Armstrong is cited, a moderately decent player who will not find himself among the pantheon of Celtic legends.

He is also a very bright boy who seems to have his career path mapped out and I'm sure his law-degree will be useful when he hangs his boots up. For all the time and study he put in to achieving that degree, I doubt that there will be many law firms who can offer him terms of 50k p/w. Perhaps he might choose to go down the agent route and live off whopping percentages of any deals he brokers......who knows?

What I do know, is that some footballers don't know they're born and that they might want to look a little closer to home and see what their lives may have been like if they didn't have a talent for playing the game.

I understand that market forces dictate value. The money wouldn't be readily available if there wasn't a market that could finance it, but it still sticks in my craw that genuinely talented people have to work ungodly hours and make incredible sacrifices to try and aspire to a quality of life, when a young footballer's biggest dilemma is whether to buy a jag or a Bentley.

It's not entirely the fault of the players, I think it's reasonable to say that they might not be in tune with the reality of the world, but all the same - I won't be insisting that the club be held to ransom so that some sleazy agent can buy a new holiday home.

All good tthings come to those who wait. If the boy is as talented as his agent thinks he is, then a club like Celtic can catapult him into the big-time through European exposure and domestic success.

Otherwise- it may well be a fade back into obscurity in the Championship.

But he'll have a nice car to remember it by.
Spot on SP
It's a strange dilemma for everyone involved £10k a week is in footballing terms a pittance there will be reserve lads at clubs in England scooping that without ever playing a first team game.

Maybe they thought Agent Gerrard would offer more in his quest to bankrupt them by signing every available midfielder for inflated money.

He's being judged by people who would crawl over broken glass to pull that jersey on just once and run out with the team and play a game for free and then die a happy man.