Alan Brazil in the Express



Oh, that's the way to do it
Yeah it is unless your doing a weekend lie-in for jumpin on an orange cnuts face at the old zanzibar.

He sings somet about my holy padre, he goes to monklands wi a broken jaw an a get the grey scratchy blanket. Wtf. ??

Him a big lad, geezer too. Lol. Who knew. ???


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All this trash talk about what will happen at new year is just filling space on a newspaper because nothing else is apparently happening. 24 hours from now one thing is clear. If Cluj do not score at Celtic park then we face Slavia Prague the following week. 180 minutes of play after that we could be in pot 3 of the Champions league. In just 15 days we will all know. I still believe this season will be historic.


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It’s ok bud,agree eff them all, but I like to try and get my head round a lot of the junk said in writing,etc ,and to respond to their trash ,we all know they have some sort of grudge against us ,especially the ones associated to us in the past ,? is it down to jealousy ,a well run club ,with decent aims ,fans ,culture,,your guess is as good as mine ,hh
No fair enough mate I get where you're coming from but the rationale behind it is quite simple, Brazil, Nicholas, Walker etc. happily trade negative Celtic comment for coin and the manky rags they write for print it to keep the slabbering fuckwits across the city entertained so they keep buying their rags.

As I said fuck 'em, they ain't worth our time.

HH (y)