An Gorta Mór

Worth noting as well, mate - that this year also marks the centenary of another black mark on the Scottish history book.

The 'wee free' (with all of it's Presbyterian polemic) announced the threat to the Scottish population that was the "Irish Race". Throw in all the bullshit associated with the 'Primrose Pledge', then you have a wee country that has outpunched big hitters in the fields of science, economics and engineering - yet somehow manages to repeatedly punch itself in the feckin nose when it comes to internal and inherit racism.
100% correct SP
Heres something to think aboot. Ive said this before. Many of us would not be here but for the tragedies that befell our ancestors. The chances of my West of Ireland DNA and my East of Scotland DNA meeting without the starvation of the mid 1800s is virtually zero.

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