Most tested player in tennis, Neil
No coincidence either, they knew he would always pass.

Judy got a bit showbiz, but she taught the two of them well. It's the old Trevino adage, the more he practiced the luckier he got.
Think it was Gary Player talking about an old buddy , Jerry Barber who first quoted this . But Trevino was a helluva player who brought the game to many millions when it was still a bit of a middle class pursuit , especially in the States .


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He’s deffo been one of Scotland’s greatest sportsman of that thers no doubt
But please spare me the sobbing press conference because what he can’t play tennis any more
He’s sitting on a reputed £40million fortune
I’m sure thers families in his native country who have to go to foodbanks to feed ther children who wish that’s all they had to worry
People workin 2 jobs 7days a week jst to survive and pay the bills
Fine advert u have been Andy for young up and coming sports people but please spare me the blubbering tears

Quite brutal but a fair comment nonetheless

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Fantastic sports man. Only time I watched Wimbledon was when he was on....think it's a bit harsh having a go about him being sad. Regardless of the money he made he loves the one on here would mock Henrik as he wept in his last game for Celtic..."aye alright mate...fucking calm doon yer off to barca and yer minted", we all understood his love for the club. No difference, the guy is giving up something he's devoted his life to. Good luck to him