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10 in a Row

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Rangers* keeper Jon McLaughlin somehow escaped a red card after pulling down Dundee striker Paul McMullen in the box that lead to a penalty..To rub salt into the wounds , he saves the pen when he shouldnt have been on the park..Ironically Dundee manager got a red card for asking( Rangers* fan) referee Bobby Madden why he didnt send McLaughlin off..I imagine Madden had no excuse so handed out a red card to McPake so stop the conversation..How many honest mistakes are going to happen this season regarding Rangers*?..We need to keep a record of these and what referees are constantly doing the honest mistakes with regards to Rangers*..
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That is diabolical. I understand they relaxed the "double jeopardy" regarding a red card and a penalty a few years ago, but not when there is no attempt to play the ball.

Like Madden, I am biased when watching sevco play but at least I accept that my judgement is probably compromised when watching them play! But I have no doubt that the laws of the game as they are supposed to be interpretted these days means that this was a stonewall penalty AND definite red card offence. But then letting a sevco fan miss the resulting penalty?!?!?
Why would you allow Cummings (Who replaced Griffiths by the way) to take a penalty against his former club ?
Watch his body language as he prepares to take it
One of the softest penalty kicks you'll see and gave the keeper a chance to save it, and he doesn't even jump or challenge for the rebound, disgraceful
Boaby MadHUN supports...Partick Thistle...doesn't he...??? :rolleyes:
According to what he's said in the past, and if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you
How many red cards did they get last season ?

Not only is the standard of fitba shite, the refereeing is brutal as well